2015 - Week 4 Cooking Results

Spicy Orange-Ginger Chicken

I increased the sauce a bit but this turned out pretty good overall.  I still wanted a bit more spice so I topped mine with sriracha.  Good stuffs.

Tacos de Chorizo y Papa

So I don't know why I delayed this last time, yes I was emotionally overwhelmed (for reasons I cannot go into), but it really was easy, boil diced potatoes for a bit, put in pan with chorizo.  Om nom nom nom.  Good stuffs.

Sesame-Ginger Chicken Meatballs

We both like the meatballs, I served them over some of the leftover rice from the spicy orange chicken.  Good stuffs.

Penne with Sausage, Fennel and Pecorino

So I didn't add fennel to the grocery list, yes one of the title ingredients, so when I went to go make this the first time, no such luck.  Second time around I stopped by the grocery store first, then brought it home to make the dish.  I'm pretty sure I've made this before, but it's pretty good and worth a second look or 3.  Good stuffs.

Cuban Quesadillas

Simple, good, quick

2015 - Week 3 Cooking Results

Chickpea Sloppy Joes

This had too much oregano.  End of story.  It just overwhelms everything else.  We reduced the veganiaty of this by adding cheese to the sloppy joes.  We also used it as a filler in the tacos.  And the oregano overwhelmed the chorizo.

Can this be adjusted to be a better combination of flavors?  Sure.  Easy to do?  Sure.  I may try it again, but there's no way I'm going to add that much oregano.

Spicy Orange-Ginger Chicken

Delayed until today.

Baked Potatoes

Simple, nom.

Tacos de Chorizo y Papa

I cut out the potatoes because after the news we got that day I didn't feel like putting in the effort.  So it just simplified into the normal chorizo tacos.

Grilled Cheese and Pepper Jelly based on this

Good again.  I maybe went a little light on the pepper jelly, because I was running out (had a small jar).  Nice mixture.

Bacon & Eggs & Toast


2015 - Week 2 Cooking Results

Grilled Cheese and Pepper Jelly based on this

So the cheese they wanted to use wasn't really available, so I I ended up using some Red Hawk from Cowgirl Creamery.  May not be as funky as the author wanted, but should be good enough.  I also supplemented with another cheese that I can't remember right now.  Anyways, it ended up being pretty good and if you see that bread?  Amazing on the color and taste.  Pretty happy with out this turned out and will do it again.  Since I have the cheese, probably next week.

Armenian Beef Flatbreads with Garlicky Yogurt

I had my doubts.  Basically a tiny amount of beef and a bunch of spices and etc.  But this was really good.  On the extra benefit, I found the first sighting of Templeton Red from Peace Tree (since I happened to run out to whole foods to get the sour dough / flat breads (flat bread selection sucks), this is because GWM is in this grey territory for me).  Anyways the flatbread combined with the yogurt and some pickled vegetables (ok, just hot yellow peppers) made for a quite good meal.

BA's Best Mac & Cheese

I've made a lot of mac and cheese, and use a lot of combinations of cheeses.  Was this the best?  No, not really, but it was pretty good.  I got a nice combination out of the Cheese Mix (Prairie Breeze, Kinsman Ridge, and Emmentaler) and it pretty much follows what I've been doing for a while, baked and etc.  I think the real key, which I haven't done, but could, is to put the cheese pasta mixture into a heat cast iron pan.  Anyways, pretty good, not that much different then what I do normally (Based on the Alton Brown recipe)

Garlic Roasted Cod with Mashed Potato Crust

I have cod, need to use the cod, but don't particularly want to do fish and chips.  Not that I don't like fish and chips, it's that I don't particularly like dealing leftover oil.  Anyways this was pretty easy to do.  Make mashed potatoes, put garlic and salt and fish under mashed potatoes, bake.  Pretty good.

Ham and Bean Soup

Started on Friday (Soaking beans), started in earnest around 2:PM, then was ready around 5.  Pretty good soup.  Simple, good flavors.  Combined with some good bread (La Mie), a salad (Holly) and pineapple (Holly).  Good date night dinner w/ the Hettingers.

Skillet Sausage and Peppers

Quick Sunday dinner.  Good stuffs.

2014 - Week 53 Cooking / 2015 - Week 1 Cooking Results

Moroccan Chicken Burgers with Feta and Carrot Slaw

These were pretty good.  Easy to make with a food processor.  I honestly don't know what I'd do without it.

Chicken Salad with Carrots, based on this

So I simplified this a lot and then instead of grating new carrots, I added the leftover slaw and a few other things.  It was not the best I've done, but wasn't bad.

Golden Onion burgers, based on this

I added the last of the Harissa that was in the cupboard to the meat to spice it up and some salt and pepper.  it made for a good quick dinner.  Had the onions going in one pan, put fries in the oven and prepped the beef before cooking it off.  With the timing everything came together at almost exactly the same time.

Mac & Cheese with Ham & Peas

So with the free ham (certificate) from work that I already broke down into usable pieces, I took out a bag of 3 hunks and chopped up 2 of the hunks added some peas to the doubled mildly modified Alton Brown baked mac and cheese recipe.  I swapped the paprika, which I didn't happen to have on hand for some reason.  I added about the same amount of the jalapeno powder.

Pork Belly Tacos

These didn't turn out how I envisioned.  Still good, though.  The Pork Belly / Fresh Side was already sliced and so I couldn't get the size of the lardons that I wanted, because I was already limited by the slices.  That being said, it still cooked up well and tasted pretty good.  I had mine with some of the normal toppings and some of the Harry Hotter sauce from Juan's which perked everything right up.  On a side note, the Kalona's sour cream is amazing.

For New Years I also broke out the Goat Cheese Brie and made some Cheddar and Horseradish spread (using Prairie Breeze)

The Twelve beers of Christmas 2014

There is a few reasons why we do this once a year.  First, it's expensive.  Some of the bottles are quite pricey at retail and very hard to come by.  Second, recovery.  We're not as young as we used to be.  That being said, we had a 3rd person helping this year, which means we actually got to twelve and then some.  Apparently after the last beer pictured, Big Sky Brewing's Biere de Noel was in there.  I look at Untappd and see I rated it...  I'm looking forward to trying Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier first thing.