2016 - Week 25 Cooking Results


Seared chicken, sunburst tomatoes, crumbled jowl bacon, arugula and garlic scape chevre over gem lettuce.

So this started by thinking about what to do with some early popping sunburst tomatoes, then I had some leftover cooked jowl bacon from the breakfast earlier that day.  This really turned out really good.  A nice combination of flavors, textures and smells.  and everything but the chicken was local and from a small scale producer.

Chorizo, radish and cilantro tacos.

A good combination of flavors and tastes.  Fresh ingredients, local chorizo.  Good stuffs.

Smashed Pork Burgers

Due to the fact that my carbohydrate intake has been ratcheted down, I find it difficult to buy a pack of (cheap) buns, where I will end up not eating the other ones (not worth the carbs in them).  So while I know my wife prefers appropriate bread, I made an executive decision to just use some sourdough bread.  I was able to make these quickly before my class (was late leaving work too), Turned out well.

Green Curry & Coconut Pork Sausage with Broccoli over rice

Shannon did not like these sausages.  I didn't feel like cooking much, so we just had sausages and a salad.  These were not...what I was expecting.  I didn't dislike them, but they weren't up to the same practiced flavor profile that I expect from Story City Locker / Lucky George.  I did end up splitting what Shannon didn't eat and having them on a sandwich later, which was a bit better (bread, mustard, pickled goathorn peppers).

Sesame Beef and Snap Peas

Again, the desire to cook was low, so we had steak sandwiches.  turned out well.

2016 - Week 25 Cooking

A bit Matta hosting happened, due to their oldest sports competition.  A nice big breakfast of French Toast (using some test bread from Joseph and some sourdough, also from Joseph), bacon, sausage, strawberries, raspberries and of course, coffee.  It was nice to see everyone and I got congratulated for fathers day many times, because the youngest Matta went with us shopping and photographing.  

I always find shoe shopping to be a bit obnoxious.  Apparently sandals too.  After seeing online that a Teva sandals could fit my wide feet, I figured I'd give them a try.  Much to my dismay, after trying 5 or 6 styles of sandals I came to the conclusion that the desire to save a quarter and not make most of the strap velcro accessible means they straight up won't fit my feet at all.  Tried some other brands to the same problem.  Frustrating as heck...  Yes my feet are odd, to say the least, but FFS.

  • Seared chicken, sunburst tomatoes, crumbled jowl bacon, arugula and garlic scape chevre over gem lettuce.
  • Chorizo, radish and cilantro tacos.
  • Smashed Pork Burgers
  • Green Curry & Coconut Pork Sausage with Broccoli over rice
  • Sesame Beef and Snap Peas

2016 - Week 24 Cooking Results

Garlic Scape Pesto Burgers

So the garlic scapes, some olive oil, salt, pepper, and Parmigiano Reggiano.  Then you put that on top of a bit of meat and you come up with something really quite good.  I used the pesto for number of other uses throughout the week.

Jerk Spice Rubbed Chicken Thighs (modified)

So originally I was going to skip some steps, but then I re-read it, and looked at my spice drawer, and just used some Garam Masala, instead.  I guess this is missing the point, but it hit the spot.

Fried Rice with Bok Choy and Peas

Quick, pretty good, and good for you.

Water in Motion (West Des Moines)

Old Southeast Water Trough (1906, Des Moines)

Always read the plaque

N 41° 34.974 W 093° 36.057

Around the House, light, shadow, texture, cats and SQUIRREL!

After wondering around the city for the purpose of shopping and photography, we got back to the house and I wanted to take a bit more in the way of photos.

2016 - Week 23 Cooking Results

Chana Masala (I get a half serving w/ 3/4 c cooked rice)

I liked this, it was pretty good and filling.

Apple & Feta sausage Sandwiches

Took some sausages that we used earlier, split them, seared them on the sides, topped with a bit of cheese and kraut.  Good things.

Garlic Scape Pesto Burgers

These turned into burgers, cause I had to run off to my class.  These will get made, probably next week.

Jerk Spice Rubbed Chicken Thighs (modified)

Time and desire got away from me, so...Delayed!

DTFM & Downtown

Clearly I'm still having problems with the amount of light to let in and how to adjust them to get the right amount.  The combination of the f-stop (smaller = less light), shutter speed (slower = more light), and ISO (higher = more light).  So in less then ideal (very cloudy) conditions, it took a while to adjust the settings up or down to get the right set.

To be fair, one class, had the camera for 10 days.  Though I have taken 378 photos so far.  There were a couple of photos that turned out pretty well.

So I originally invested in an refurbished Canon T5 (already discontinued), because it reduced the startup cost for a hobby.  However, I've dropped money on extra memory cards (~$20), extra battery (~$15), and the most recent round, arriving today, a bag, tripod and lens hood (~$60).  So much like when I hear friends talk about adding motorcycle parts, it's about accessories.  Though to be fair, so far my accessories are way cheaper then motorcycle ones.

I really enjoyed the part of my morning at the DTFM after I put down my shopping bags and just started taking pictures.  It was calming and quiet.  Looking for things to shoot, playing with settings.