2016 - Week 21 Cooking Results

Fava greens & Pancetta, over pasta (small amount of pasta)

So the fava greens started off with a mild grassy flavor but quite watery, but after cooking they absorbed a number of flavors and tended to add a mild bitter background flavor.  Pretty good, but that could've been the 3oz of pancetta.

Spicy Italian Cheeseburgers

A little funk on the cheese, a little spice with the peppers (Mama Lil's via The Cheese Shop).  It was a pretty nice fit over all.  I was happy with the way that this turned out.  Trying not to bug Joseph with my bread requests right now, I bought some kaiser buns from a new source...they were ok.  But even with that this was a pretty good meal.

Ham Steak with Chive Blossom Parsnip Pureee

I bought some lovely stored parsnips from Grinnell Heritage Farms, then thought hey, I could use some chive blossom chevre (Reichert's Dairy) in here.  It came together really well.  Then you combine that with some delicious ham steak (Crooked Gap / Story City Locker) and a good helping of arugula (Cleverley Farms).  Fantastic dinner.

Grilled Ham and Cheese with Tapenade

I had it with what, I suppose is somewhat like a lazy man's tapenade (didn't put in the effort that I should've) and Shannon did not.  Beyond that some delicious cheese and some La Quercia nom nom.

Spinach and Feta Breakfast Scramble

Simple, pretty quick and good.

2016 - Week 20 Cooking Results

Weight Loss continues:  17.08% / 13.32% (peak / 2016).  As a note from this past week, I'm still having trouble controlling my intake restricting from time to time.  We went out, and I really should have stopped eating the Mexican dish about half way through.  but I didn't, and was quite uncomfortable after the fact.  We'll calling this a learning lesson about what the new normal is.

BA's Best buttermilk Pancakes (gonna have to decide if I want less pancakes, or almost no syrup...whee)

Not the same...but still pretty good.  Nice to at least have them, even though I can't stuff my face with them.

Butterfly Pork Chops with rhubarb ketchup

I was excited to see a recipe for rhubarb ketchup, and this was good, however this was not near as good as the stuff that Brett made.  This was to sweet.  It was, however, a good start.  Less sugar, more port and red wine vinegar.  Even so, pair well with the pork chops.

Parm Baked eggs and Swiss Chard

Not a lot of up front work, and quite a bit of idle time.  It was pretty good, not fantastic...maybe needs something more.

Chicken and Chive Blossom Toasts

This turned out very well.  I purchased some Fox Hollow Farm More then Mustard after tasting it at this past Monday's Charcuterie class at the Cheese Shop.  This just sort of ticked in with what I should go together.  This turned into a delicious thing.

Chive Blossom Omelet

Turned into scrambled eggs.  Didn't want to face the possible defeat of omelettes (and was tired).  Still quite good.

2016 - Week 19 Cooking Results

Banh Mi Pork Burgers

These were better then I thought they would be.  Simple quick and delicious.

BA's Best buttermilk Pancakes (gonna have to decide if I want less pancakes, or almost no syrup...whee)

Delayed until today!

Rabbit Hot Dogs

These were ok.  Better then your average shitty hot dog, but not near as good as a well planned really good hot dog.

Spring Garlic and Scrambled Eggs

Quick, didn't work quite like my brain thought.

Seared chicken over lettuce

These turned into an open face sandwich for me.  topped with a bit of mustard and kimchi.  Good things.

Health Update

I had my 3 month follow up with my doctor this last week, and with the combination of diet, exercise and drug, I was able to drop my A1C from 7.9 to 5.5.  So The going theory is that if I am able to maintain this, I'll be able to drop the dose or drop the drug all together (woo!).  The weight loss continues, Loss:  14.93% / 11.07% (Peak / 2016).  There is some clear evidence that I can manipulate my weight by a few pounds (weight after mowing and yard work (low on water) vs just up out of bed (probably still low on water, but not as much)).  Which is why I used today's weight instead of yesterdays.

There has been some loss and regain weeks, some mistakes and corrections, but overall the trend line continues to go down.

Weight Loss and gains over the last 3 months

Weight Loss and gains over the last 3 months

I've also lowered the goal bar for calorie intake, and have generally met the goal (even the higher points should still lead to loss.

Last Month of calorie consumption

Last Month of calorie consumption

There is a matter of concern with the recent story on how the body can react loss and how one will more or less permanently have to reduce the calorie intake to just maintain the weight.  Which I knew I'd probably have to pay attention forever, but maybe not as close of attention.  So that turns it into a permanent journey.  That being said, we as a couple are making better choices, so that's a good thing.  I admit that sometimes I want something (ex: carrot creme brûlée from The Cheese Shop), but pass on ordering the whole thing (on the positive side I still got to try it).

I am excited that the farmer's market is back.  This gives me a reason to get up an move on a Saturday morning, though I probably still need to plan for something on Saturday / Sunday.  I also need to add a routine and time for some upper body stuff (avoiding stress on my wrists, which are already shitty).

On a less positive note, my Psoriasis seems to be adding spots for flare ups.

2016 - Week 18 Cooking Results

Baked Pasta with Merguez and Harissa Spiked sauce

Small amount of pasta, check.  Other things, check.  Good stuffs.  I used the Merguez smoked sausage on this one.  Good stuffs.

Lentil and Chicken Cassoulet

The lentils kind of fell apart, so it didn't look the best, however, it still tasted very good.  It took a while to make, but most of that was idle time.  I used Merguez sausage (spicy).  I didn't use the black lentils it wanted me to (I had lentils and used those).

Mortadella Grilled Cheese

So good...but almost anytime you combine 3 excellent ingredients you are going to come up with something really excellent.

Skillet Beef Enchiladas

Looking at this recipe, I had my doubts.  I didn't quite understand it would get that sort of flavor you get out of enchiladas, but it did, and was quite good.  Probably not the best thing for you, but really good.

Quinoa Pilaf with Chipotle Queso Fresco, and Peanuts (6 servings)

The Quinoa smelled a bit nutty as it cooked, the chipotle powder...had to be swapped out with Jalapeño powder, but still added a nice flavor.  I topped with a bit of 50/50 feta (sheep/goat) and had to skip the green onions (they looked gross).  Nice simple meal.  Not something i could eat every day, but certainly could be the theoretical base for a lot of things.