2016 - Week 41 Cooking Results

I used 3/4ths of the bag of peppers.  I made lots of progress, but when it comes down to it, it was really a lot of peppers.

Spaghetti Squash al Pomodoro

Good stuff, came together without much effort (a lot of waiting).  the sauce was nicely reduced as the squash finished cooking.

On this note, we have both grown tired of Spaghetti Squash, so I think we'll wait for next season to get another one.  It was certainly nice to fill some of that missing pasta desire.

Stuffed Peppers

The peppers aren't very big, so stuffing them is not exactly easy, but I was able to empty out some chicken sausage and onions, and stuff them into a few peppers.  and let them bake in the oven until the peppers were softer and the meat was cooked.

Taco Salad (using the peppers)

What you might think, but a lot of the bag of peppers diced and cooked with the beef and onions.  Good stuffs.

Bean free chili

Ok I added a few beans, not a lot but a few.  So a lot more meat then normal.  I tried to keep the heat level down, for my own tummy and Shannon's good will towards me.  I had the added benefit of having two of my brothers over for dinner as well.  I was happy with how it came out, but the idea of having to rebuilding my chili recipe is making me mildly depressed.

Strip Steak with Gorgonzola

So here's where we are at.  I prefer Pork over other meats.  Shannon prefers Chicken.  I do like a steak from time to time, and I am eating more beef for the purpose of getting more iron in my diet.  Shannon isn't much of a steak fan, so the request has come to make something else for her, if steak is on the menu.  It's fair, we don't have beef that often and I generally choose a tougher cut of meat for the purpose of taste.  So that'll have to happen.

Anyways, beyond that it was still a good dish.

2016 - Week 40 Cooking Results

Spaghetti Squash Alfredo

So, this time I didn't break the sauce, and it turned out pretty good.  While it is not quite fettuccine, it is a nice carb friendly alternative.

Pork Chops

a bit of Lucky George Large Black Pig pork chops, seared, finished in the oven.  Little salad on the side.  Good stuffs

Honey Paprika Chicken

surprisingly simple, surprisingly good.  Though maybe a bit to sweet for me (now a days).

Sloppy Sammys

good stuffs

Grilled Ham & Cheese, this time, with an egg

That Royal is quite good, lil bit of ham, cheese, grilled, then topped with an egg, dip the runny egg.  Quite good.

2016 - Week 39 Cooking Results

Spaghetti Squash and bechamel sauce

Well if I made the bechamel sauce, I may not have failed, but I did try to make the alfredo, which I broke, generally it tasted ok, but the texture was wrong, I'll have to try again.  I have another squash to work on.

Spicy Vietnamese Chicken Sandwich

While I added pickles to mine, I didn't pickle vegetables as stated, for the purpose of the sandwich (though pickled carrots are good)

Grilled Ham (The Royal) & Cheese, maybe a fried egg?

No fried egg,   That ham is really delicious though.  Good sandwich on sourdough.

Chicken Sausage, Apples and Greens

This idea came from...somewhere (email, magazine, something), but by the end of the week we were a. in a rush to go out to see a pre-screening of The Birth of a Nation (strong, powerful movie), we simplified it down to basically just chicken sausage.  Especially since I didn't have enough apples to move forward (bought more this morning).

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burrito (half of beans)

I think I've had this before, and it's much easier to stay within the carb limit when there is more meat, but this is still a pretty good thing to have.

Short notes about Mason City

There is a surprising amount of public art in at least the downtown area.  Some is from this or that fund and some are in remembrance of teachers, parents or grandparents.  I find this a much nicer way to remember someone rather then a marker in a field of other markers. Something to think about. 

The MacNider Art Museum has a very eclectic collection.  Though nudity often exists in art, I was unaware of a nudity in any Grant Wood piece, which they had.  

I am glad the Vision Iowa program was able to provide a big investment into the Historic Park Inn. Such a beautiful building both inside and out. 

The area that we stayed in was generally pretty walkable and after the sun started to show up, it was nice to walk around in.