2016 - Week 34 Cooking Results

Prosciutto and Melon (alt:  Grilled Cheese)

Larry had melons, I bought them and then prepped it and wrapped prosciutto around them.  Easy peasy.  I really do like this combination.  Since Shannon wanted something a bit more substantial, so I made her a grilled cheese with prosciutto.

Stuffed Green Peppers

Prepped much like the tomatoes last week but with onions and roasted tomatoes added in.


Om nom nom.

hunk o meat (depends on what I can find in the freezer) and Garlic & Parmesan Tossed Mixed String Beans


Pork Burgers

om nom nom.

2016 - Week 34 Cooking

  • Prosciutto and Melon (alt:  Grilled Cheese)
  • Stuffed Green Peppers
  • BATs
  • hunk o meat (depends on what I can find in the freezer) and Garlic & Parmesan Tossed Mixed String Beans
  • Pork Burgers

2016 - Week 33 Cooking Results

BAT (Bacon Arugula and Tomato) (because, tis the season)

OM nom nom nom.

Lamb Pizza with Parsley - Red Onion  Salad (today)

The parsley had turned, so it was skipped, it still ended up being quite good, topped it with some Comte and another one that I am forgetting today.  Quite good.  Love me some lamb.

Stuffed Tomatoes

So you have tomatoes that are smaller and thick walled.  I wasn't quite sure they'd stand up to the baking process, so cleared the seeds from the inside and stuffed them with finished sausage and onions.  Made for a nice dinner.

Chicken and Jalapeno Salad

hunh...the chicken is gone, so I must have made this...well that was forgettable..

Trice Brats (Lucky George)

So they are working with Story City Locker to combine beers and bratwurst.  Since the way they go is generally to work locally, they're pairing their meat with beers from around Iowa.  This was, I believe a beer from Firetrucker?  I'm probably wrong, anyways, it was nice to have something like that rather then normal "the cheapest beer possible" that most would put in their beer brats.

Pino Tacos

I could see how these would work really well in empanadas, but I didn't want to put in the time and effort for that.  Made for a good taco.

Late Summer 2016 Road Trip - Day 2 - Creston Dinosaur, South Dakota

Why here?  It was clearly on our way to Rapid City.  It has the appeal of trying to attract business to a town that no longer exists.  I just struck me as interesting.  Do I wish we could've gone closer?  Sure, but it wasn't my land, so, the photo os from a bit away.

Late Summer 2016 Road Trip - Day 2 - Badlands, South Dakota

You hear things, you see thing, but Badlands is amazing.  It's just a stunning display of time, rock water and wind.  I'm so happy we went.  After going to, rolling my eyes at, then leaving Wall, we headed out to the lesser developed part of the park (gravel path) and continued through that to the end of the park.

We got a chance to see a group of buffalo, where only a handful of people where there (including one with a lens the size of my lower leg.

Late Summer 2016 Road Trip - Day 2 - Corn Palace, Mitchell, South Dakota

Clearly a touristy area, however they have straight up atrocious lighting on the inside.  The design and textures are pretty cool.

Late Summer 2016 Road Trip - Day 2 - St Peter's Grotto, Farmer, South Dakota

Again to the attraction to churches and perhaps the depth of loss that people can feel.  It was quite windy that day.