2014 - Week 43 Cooking

Mani has had a new fascination with the kitchen.  He's really liking the pumpkins, which is fine, because there's not much he can do with them.  However he has started to take the potatoes in their paper bags and spill them all over the kitchen, drag them around the house.  In fact I found him dragging the bag around.  He has started to go after the lemongrass on the counter (not supposed to be on the counter).  It has gotten pretty frustrating.  Anyways maybe it's time to break out the training squirt bottle.  The rest of the house, flat-non-window surfaces are debatable, kitchen, not so much.

2014 - Week 42 Cooking Results

Bangers (Lucky George Farm) and Mash

So in eating this I thought about making some of the oft suggested red onion gravy, but it turned out that I didn't really want to put that much more time into it.  However I did ad some dijon and spicy mustard as some of the recipes called for in the mashed potatoes.  To give it some of the tartness I used some of my bit over yogurt (just starting to sour).  All and all, really good mashed potatoes topped with sausages.

Now I have no idea if these were appropriately spiced bangers, but since they're also done by Story City Locker, I assume so, since they do good things there.

Good stuffs, and I bought some more.

Pumpkin Pancakes

I only vaguely followed this recipe, I added a bit more pumpkin then it called for.  They made for some pretty good pancakes.

Pumpkin Mac & Cheese (bechamel + pumpkin puree + Prairie Breeze)

Turned out great.  I used the rest of the quart bag of pumpkin Puree.  Stirred in the pasta to the bechamel and the pumpkin into that.  I put it into the oven for a bit to warm anything back up and maybe caramelize the top a bit.  Good stuffs.

Chickpea, Pumpkin and Sage Stew

So this was pretty good the first time around.  Nice and warming on a chilly fall day.  But the more it sat around (for leftovers) the more the noodles absorbed the soup liquid and the more it turned into a casserole.  It was pretty much all casserole by the time I had the last batch of leftovers.

Bacon and Scallion Farrotto

Tasty, the first Sunday dinner in a while with Joseph attending.  He has a bit more free time now.  I'm still not sure how I feel about this whole thing.  Anyways, good stuff.

Brats (La Ventosa)

Good stuffs!

2014 - Week 41 Cooking Results


Om nom nom.

Bacon and Scallion Farrotto


Hot Pepper Noodles

Made these last night.  Very quick to make.  Though the "hot" in the title of this recipe doesn't make a ton of sense to me.  Yes it was physically hot, but it was not really spicy.  I added some sriracha which gave it some of the heat needed.  Anyways, it was really fast to make and pretty good.


Finally the weather cooperated and it made sense to make the evening.  I finished off a bottle of the syrup we had, and Shannon cracked into the Great River Maple syrup.  This was shortly followed by a request to stock up on some more before the Farmers Market closes up for the year.  So I will do so.


Rabbit.  Rabbit rabbit.  So The rabbit raising has been a project of Ethan's (of Crooked Gap) son Caleb.  Certainly meaty, a bit cute (which is why Shannon didn't want to look at them the other week when we were at the farm) and I really enjoyed it.  However, I suspect Hasenpfeffer can be a divisive dish.  I had mine, with a bit of beer, and really enjoyed it (despite a few little bones, which I suspect is due to the way I broke down the rabbit).  This is how I expect it would be served and because of the heritage of the dish.  However, Shannon, not being a beer drinker, did not, and while the discussion on the dish may be related to the gaminess of it, we both agreed that next go round, we'll try something in a stew.  So I pleased myself, but Shannon wasn't a fan.  But I will try again.

Goat Brats

It's been a while, due to budget constraints / running out of money, I've been trying not to be tempted by the meats at La Ventosa Ranch, however this past weekend, due to the farm crawl, I had extra money, so I picked up a few items, and reserved a turkey for Thanksgiving.

2014 - Week 40 Cooking Results

Pizza!  (You will submit to me yeast!)

Once again, it was a return to form.  Dough rose as it should, had that nice spongy crust, with the wonderful crisp edges.  So the note here is that I need to pay attention to my yeast.  Turned out great, good stuffs.

Pumpkin Lasagna, Bread (TBD), Salad, Chopped Melon

A bit of a dinner party.  After seeing the recipe, and using their pumpkins, we invited over the proprietors of Grade A Gardens and their SOs and Joseph and his (early stage and possible) SO.  Joseph was kind enough to bake some bread for me and chop the melon and bake the bread and help me get the Lasagna in the oven (I left work a lot later then I intended).  I forgot to layer in some of the Prosciutto, which means it ended up on the top.  I added more whole milk, because the sauce didn't seem like there would be enough.  But then it ended up being a bit soupy.  Even with all that, it was both a successful dinner and a successful dinner party.  Good food, good company.  Time to have more dinner parties.

BLTs (probably the last of the season)

Ok one more.  Last pickings of the season from Jennie before she turns to the next chapter of her life.  I hope she does return to the restaurant and research farm idea that she has.


So uh...reading is hard.  But I did prep the rabbit so I can make it on Sunday.

Chicken Fajitas with Red Peppers, Onion and Lime

Simple, quick, delicious.

Slow Cooker Black Bean Soup

So in leaving the market, going to AllSpice to get spices (having trouble getting there due to the Race for the Cure), then finally heading home, I wasn't abel to get this slow-cooking until around noon.  to do the slower cook, means we would've been eating at 8-10 PM, which I didn't think would fly, so I did the faster cook (6-7 PM).  It turned out pretty well.  Nice flavor, nice smokiness.  The sour cream and hot sauce added after the fact added more rounding notes to it.  Quite good and very filling.

2014 - Week 39 Cooking Results

Pumpkin and Chicken Curry (vaguely based on this)

So I looked at the recipe, kinda used it as a guide, but then went on a tangent.  So I had some leftover curry stuffs (red curry paste, Madras curry powder) and used those to create the curry flavor.  It ended up being really good.  I've been enjoying eating it for lunch as leftovers.

Egg & Sausage on open faced bagels

So the bagels we have aren't the best, but sometimes you just want a bagel.  These are a little on the tough side, making the combination a bit hard to eat (or even fork through).  Still good, just difficult to get through.

Pumpkin Mac & Cheese

So on the one hand I'm making mac and cheese (boiling water, making sauce) and on the other I decide to use up some leftover pork, onions, and then the homemade pumpkin puree. to combine together.  I took the finished large elbow noodles and stirred them in with the pumpkin puree / pork / onion mixture.  Then when the cheese sauce finished (combo of Prairie Breeze and Scharfe Maxx, with mustard and jalapeno powder (along with the normal flour, butter and Whole Milk)), I combined that, put it in my 9x13 lasagna pan, topped with ~6 oz of breadcrumbs combined with milted butter.  good stuffs.

Pork Burgers

Good buns, good pork good toppings.  Good stuffs.

Sloppy Sammys

Never the same twice, less spicy, but pretty good all the same.  Used a can of whole tomatoes that I had intended for pizza but started roasting tomatoes instead.  Worked out well.

Pizza!  (You will submit to me yeast!)

The dough is looking good, it has already risen quite a bit in the fridge and is out warming up for usage later today.  Of course that means it was delayed.  This means I probably had grabbed the normal yeast instead of the rapid rise yeast.  So that would at least explain it.

2014 - Week 38 Cooking Results

Baked Lentils with Sausage

It was still chilly out when I made this, it was pretty good.  Even better with a bit of hot sauce on it, the next day.


Skipped...due to warm weather

All Pork Hot dogs from Crooked Gap

good stuffs.  I should've bought more Garlic and Dill Kraut, but my farmers market time got shortened.

Corn Chowder with Chorizo and Chilies

Turned into tacos...cause well it was too warm for chowder.


Combined some Crooked Gap Dexter beef with some salt and pepper and seared them relatively low and slow.  The issue here is that the dexter beef tends to be a bit low on the fat, so doing a high heat, tends to burn rather than sear.  Unless you augment it (sometimes with ground pork or bacon or the like).  These turned out really good.  I was quite happy with them.

Seared Chicken Sandwiches

Quick and simple, used the chicken that was bought for the pulled chicken but I swapped out for a rotisserie chicken later in the week.

Other Things

We took the last trip to Snookies for the season.  We got chocolate instead of vanilla in our arctic blasts.  Good stuffs.

While watching the parade yesterday, I had a Bloody Mary (provided by a neighbor) so I started adding bourbon to my coffee.  That's actually really quite good.  I had nice conversations with the two people that live behind me, as well as the house (on another street) behind them.  

It was nice to do after the stress of the cats (see facebook).