2014 - Week 50 Cooking Results


Turkey Stock Risotto (still debating on buying turkey to add it to it)

I did add Turkey.  It turned out well.  Since the stock that I made didn't have salt in it, then I had to add way more salt then I normally would of, but even with that extra step there was a lot of extra flavor from the turkey stock that you don't necessarily get that same savory flavor from the homemade stock.  That being said, this was pretty good.  I vaguely followed some guidelines, spiced it how I thought it should be spiced, and added salt until it came up to where ti should be.  And I made quite a bit.  Enough to feed Joseph, Shannon and myself and have leftovers.  Good stuffs

Skillet Goulash

I also used the Turkey stock here, and substituted a bit of leftover purchased chicken stock for the extra that was needed.  I used a mixture of hot and sweet paprika (because it is what I had).  This turned out pretty good, but was better the next day when more of the sauce had been sucked into the noodles.  I had it a few times for lunch.

Green Onion Sausage Pizza

Good as expected, good looking crust.

Beef Burgers (local)

Simple and good.

Apple Cider Cooked Farro

So I adjusted this a bit, so it was more like a risotto.  I kind of skipped the toppings but the mixture of the water and apple cider, then finishing with the apple cider vinegar.  Simple meal.

Seared chicken tacos (why do I found tacos so comforting)

quick simple and good.

2014 - Week 50 Cooking

I'm not particularly thrilled about cooking lately.  Maybe it's not having farmer's market to go to, or having to restrict the budget (or lack thereof) to a more reasonable level.  Anyways, I am having trouble cutting back on some things more then others.  Funny thing, I've stopped buying alcohol (for the most part), and have been drinking out of the cupboards (for good or ill) but have, so far, been unwilling to switch to a lower grade of coffee.  Though I have reduced the number of times that I go to get an expresso drink at Mars by 2/3rds.  Anyways this does sound particularly whiney, but I'm never been one to deal with habit change that well.

Also, the freezer is running low on meat.

  • Turkey Stock Risotto (still debating on buying turkey to add it to it)
  • Skillet Goulash
  • Green Onion Sausage Pizza
  • Beef Burgers (local)
  • Apple Cider Cooked Farro
  • Seared chicken tacos (why do I found tacos so comforting)

2014 - Week 49 Cooking Results


om nom nom

Turkey Stew

Timing and work made this get delayed longer then expected (Thursday).  I finished off the stock on Wednesday night, where it had a nice wonderful silky mouthfeel.  Where you know it clearly has more fat and gelatin in it then your normal stuff from a box or can.  Certainly not salty, since I only add a dash or two of salt to help the original set of carrots, celery, and onions sweat a bit.

Anyways, I just headed up the red potatoes and carrots, then tossed in the celery.  Then to warm up the turkey...the turkey last.

Added salt and pepper to get the right flavor.  Good stuffs.

I still have a whole bunch of soup left and a bunch of stock left, which I plan on making into risotto.

Turkey Wraps with Daikon Radish Sprouts

Leftover turkey, some other things and cut off the tops of the radish sprouts.  Good stuffs.  Added a nice mildly bitter fresh touch to the thing.  We'll see if they grow back (and I can remember to water them)

Buttermilk Pancakes

Leftover buttermilk from something for thanksgiving, made into pancakes.  Good things.

Stuffing Hash

So I got a bit cheffy here.  Maybe not as clean as it should be, I probably would've made the hashbrowns in the smaller pan, to make a round one for each, instead of splitting down the middle for another one.  anyways, it was a nice combination.  Seared hashbrowns, seared stuffing rounds and an egg on top.  Good stuffs.

Thanksgiving 2014 in pictures

One of the cute things to happen during thanksgiving was Máni, after we had moved back into the living room, had apparently stolen some turkey from someone's plate.  Trotted in very proud, like he does with his toys, and then when I went to go get it from him, he ran off.  I chased him into the laundry room in the basement and was able to get most of it back from him.

We don't have a ton of space in our house, so to get people enough places to sit makes a challenging, so we had to debate the seating arrangement a number of times and try to see if we could fit the people in a normal way.  Finally just had to do it the way we did.

Overall I was generally happy.  I should've pulled out the turkey at 161˚ instead of 165˚.  It would've had the other parts be just right.  Oh well I don't cook big birds that often.

2014 - Week 48 Cooking Results

Korean Tacos (sort of like this)

Basically I did the chicken like the recipe called for but not of the other things.  It worked out well.  Similar but different,

Spicy Carrot Sandwiches (yes again)

Good stuffs.

Bangers and Mash

That mustard in the mashed potatoes is surprising and good, I thought about doing it on a grander scale for Thanksgiving, but disregarded it as maybe pushing my luck

Chicken Wraps with Daikon Radish Sprouts (and other things)

So we did the wraps, but I forgot to use the sprouts, but they're still growing so I'll have to do this again.  Or at least something to use the sprouts.

Smokey Pork and White Bean Stew

Simple, quick to put together, pretty good.

Thanksgiving 2014 menu (Sunday)

Game Night - November 2014

After having decreasing turn out for a while, with blips here and there.  Sometimes enough to have two games going at a time, but most often, just one.  This led to the decrease to every other month, and I was thinking about decreasing it down to every quarter.  People have busy lives and it's understandable and I accept that.

This time we had 3, (4 if you count Kellen's game) games going at the same time.  I was quite happy with how everything was turning out (other then me starting to fall asleep at the end).

Good Stuffs.