2015 - Week 35 Cooking Results

What does one do when there is no plan?  Eat out of the cupboard.  Somethings planned around bread purchase on Thursday, but for the most part, just some fairly standard fare.

Then I roasted 5 pounds of roma tomatoes from Butcher Crick Farm.

2015 - Week 34 Cooking Results

Oregon Tuna Melts

For some reason I expect these to be better then what I normally make, while the combination of ingredients was interesting, I ended up bringing it more into my norm.

Grill Ham & Cheese with Tapenade

I used this bad boy, for the cheese, with the Tapenade also from the Cheese shop and some La Quercia prosciutto.


Om nom nom.

Roasted Tomato Sauce Pasta

Didn't really follow a recipe, but roasted a whole bunch of roma tomatoes.  All good.

All Pork Hot Dogs

good things

Bangers and Roast fingerling Potatoes

even better things.

2015 - Week 33 Cooking Results

BATs!  (including secret Arugula...shhh!)

What happens when you get first cuttings of arugula before it's available to others?  You shut up about and and thank the farmer that gave you the opportunity to have it.  There's nothing even close to that arugula.  Used some of my brother's multi-grain wheat (early form, Wild Yeast Bakery).  Bacon from Crooked Gap (The last of my Story City wood smoked, until he gets more).  Amazing is all I can say.  Super happy.

Spicy Merguez Sausage & butter roasted potatoes

Pretty nice, pretty spicy, combined well with the butter roasted potatoes.  Good things.

Mortadella and Cheese Panini (Modified)

So I didn't panini these, but I did grill them, even had one for Joseph, who happened to stop by after bread selling.  Good stuffs (though he didn't actually sit down to eat with us (a 20+ hour day does that to you).  Mortadella is one of my new favorite things.

Scrambled Eggs with Caramelized Onions and Chevre

simple, and the longest part about it was making the onions (though I didn't follow their suggested recipe).  Other then that I've made scrambled eggs with Chevre before.

Pizza with (home) Roasted Tomato Sauce

I forget that I need to a. adjust the weight of tomatoes down (from 1.5 pounds) and reduce the tomato paste.  The sauce gets a little thick and a little much.  When I use the 1.5 pounds of tomatoes from a can, I dump the juice, stab the tomatoes and squeeze out more juice, reducing the amount of liquid out, but certainly not as much as one would get as roasting and draining them after roasting.  So a thicker then normal sauce (probably would go good with Chicago style pizza), but the pizza was finished just right.

The sausage was not spicy Italian...due to mislabeling or whatever.  But it worked out ok.  Really good overall.

2015 - Week 32 Cooking Results

Kimchi Fried Rice

This was really good and reminded me how easy fried rice can be, so this could become a staple, the only issue being is having already prepared rice ready to go.


Tis the the season!

Sweet Corn Mac & Cheese

This turned out very well.  A good balance of mild cheeses (which I forget) and the sweet corn.  Good stuffs.

Sweet Corn & Big Daddy Onion Risotto

So I had a bit of Sopressata left in the fridge and decided to add that.  While on one hand it was pretty good, but on the other, it really, for the most part, overwhelmed the the sweet corn and onion taste.  They were there, but not as prevalent as I intended.

Spicy Merguez Sausage & butter roasted potatoes

Delayed!  Dad bought us dinner at The Cheese Shop after Joseph finished selling bread.  Good stuffs

Chorizo (Lucky George Farm) Tacos

I like the Crooked Gap Farm chorizo better.  Still pretty good tacos.

2015 - Week 31 Cooking Results

Spicy Carrot Sandwiches with Hummus

Good as always.

Big Daddy Onion & Bacon Fat Risotto (topped with toasted breadcrumbs)

Not really following a recipe, but what I've done over the years.  cooked the onions a bit first then the rice, then started to add warm stock to it.  At some point I added some bacon fat.  Yeah this probably isn't an every day thing.  It was pretty good though.

Bacon and Kimchi Burgers

Simple, I used a seasonal Kimchi from The Brinery (can't remember the name right now, but it was really quite good).  A very nice combination of things.

Kimchi Fried Rice


Baked Italian Sausage Pasta (or not baked, depending on Mozzarella availability) (topped with breadcrumbs)

Baked!  Good things.  Simple combination of ingredients, some good sausage.  Baked for a bit.  The Iowa Sourdough made for a good topper for this.  Certainly more then just adding a bit of texture to the top.

Shredded Cod salad (one filet of cod left)

I'm going to have the cod for lunch today.

Grade A Gardens had some tomatoes at their stand.  So with that, some 14 day Sourdough from Wild Yeast Bakery and some jowl bacon from crooked gap farm (not present).  Om nom nom nom.  So good.

I've been slowly using the last of the honey that I got last year from Blue Gate, but at the market yesterday, they had quite the spread of honey, so I picked up a big jar.  Woo!

Update: 10:52:  Kimchi is Adam's Great Escape.