2017 - Week 27 Cooking

At this point, I am filled with confusing emotions, I have both relief and guilt and it it kind of shows how much my home is part of the base of my comfort.  Most times we have a clear timeline of when people will be here (few hours for a get together, a weekend for an event).  We have a full house (us plus 4 cats).  I'm glad my parents found another place to stay.  I don't know if Freyja was stressed because of the extra people in the house, or as a reflection of our own stress of having extra people in the house.  She seems to have recovered relatively quickly and is no longer hiding under our bed (after a bit of encouragement from me), but is still a bit tentative around the house (probably still smells like other people).

2017 - Week 26 Cooking Results

Pork chops...for 11?...*sigh*

Parents, Siblings, and two nieces.  A whole lot of pork chops (Including a few extra).  Not enough seating.  I seared off the pork chops in pans, then finished them in the oven.  Some of the early ones may have gotten a bit over (ok really got a bit over), but for the most part it turned out well.  The mashed potatoes that I made were well commented on (cream, butter, salt, pepper, and mixed in some of the rendered pork fat, and some shredded smoked cheddar) and it went from there.

The next night, since we were still all here, I threw together the taco salad or tacos (Crooked Gap chorizo).  This went over well to.  Took longer then normal since the chorizo was still in the freezer.  To save money (and the stores weren't available), there was no quark, no prairie breeze, etc.  It was a step down from the normal, but given the short notice, had to be done.

Garlic Chile Ground Pork

Delayed!...I was going to make this, but Dad offered to take us out to eat, and who am I to turn that down?

Shredded Chicken Salad with Creamy Miso Dressing

Delayed!...I never had a chance to buy the rotisserie chicken cause the fridge didn't have space.

Quinoa Salad

I added some bacon ends and some leftover pork chop meat, canned tomatoes (no fresh from the ground tomatoes yet, though it looks like things are coming along nicely)

Bratwurst Reuben

Being the last time I made this, my dad really liked it, I made it again.  It went over just as well.  My mom was pretty surprised by the sauerkraut that I made and how easy it is to make.  I plan to make sauerkraut again in the fall.

2017 - Week 25 Cooking Results

Sambal Chicken Skewers

Not as spicy as I would've liked, but had that nice sambal olek flavor.

Daging Lembu Dan Saderi

So I bought this, more meat then I needed for Shannon and I, however, due to going out to eat with the Matta's the night before on their way back from seeing the Red Sox (Thanks!), I needed to use all the beef, and even then, there was almost no leftovers.  It was good, quick, and it went well over quinoa.

Mutton Burgers with Sliced Cucumber, Sliced Red Onion and Worcestershire sauce

Thanks go to Jason from Lucky George, so kindly reminded me yesterday about the onions.  I combined the Mutton with a bit of salt, pepper and Duck Fat, why duck fat?  Why not duck fat?  It worked out well  With guests in the house, I used a combination of mini pretzel buns and ciabatta rolls that I picked up from a new vendor at the market, Coeur Bread.  as a rabid connoisseur of bread, they're at a good starting point, I think, and don't want to discourage, and hope they continue.  Anyways, for mini mutton burgers for 6 and a kale and cabbage salad (made by a guest).

Pork Chops

Delayed until tonight, I hope I have enough.

Curried Chicken on Pita

It was pretty good, nice to have this on a night where I didn't want to cook to much.

2017 - Week 24 Cooking Results

Breakfast Banh Mi Sandwiches

Vaguely followed the recipe, used some wonderful pate from the Cheese Shop and went from there.  Good stuffs.

Greek Lemon Chicken, Grain & Feta Salad Tzatziki

So it's been humid and the idea of having to do the work to get this done didn't work for me, so I simplified out the steps of the salad and made it into a sandwich.  it was pretty good.

Brat Patties

Lucky George had some leftover non-encased sausage meat so I bought a bunch of samples and this was one of them.  Way better then your average brat patty.

Sambal Chicken Skewers


Spicy Turkey Burgers

Not as spicy as one would have thought, but still pretty good.

2017 - Week 23 Cooking Results

Garlic Scapes Pesto and Chicken

I uh...forgot there was a recipe that I linked to for this, so I just winged it.  It turned out pretty well.  Tossed the chicken in the pesto, and baked it in the oven.  Served with a nice salad and some croissants from a new place in town.  Made for a nice meal.

Spiced Honey Sausage

Ohhh Mmmmm Geeee.  I love me this sausage.  Good job with that Lucky George and Story City Locker.

Grilled cheese and salami

I had to go find bread for was disappointing (Ancient Grain from whole foods).

Chicken Salad

Mix of stuff in the fridge, a bit of rotisserie chicken.  Easy dinner after mowing the lawn.

Lamb Burger with Mint Yogurt (see Shannon I'm totally going to use mint)

Not going to lie, part of this came about from it coming up on one of the email lists I'm on, and a discussion about me not using the mint which is over growing in my side yard garden.  I used mint, this was good, picked chopped added to greek yogurt.  Good stuffs.