2018 - Week 7 Cooking Results

Spanish Bake Rice with Chorizo and Chickpeas

Shannon had a stressful day so she wanted B-Bops, so this is delayed.

Sausage, Peppers and Onions Subs

Made this with the other half of the ingredients for it.  It was all right, I could've used better bread.  I used the peppers and onions on several lunch sandwiches this week (on meatloaf, on leftover chicken, etc).

Italian Sausage Pizza

Mozzarella from Lost Lake, Hot Italian Sausage Pizza from Remnant Hills and I used a flour I don't normally use for the pizza.  So the dough had to be adjusted a bit.  it wasn't coming together in the ball like it should, so I added a bit more flour, then more water, then more flour.  Eventually I think I got it about right, but I may have needed to add more yeast.

I used the proofing setting on my new(ish) stove for the first time and it created a nice warm environment for the dough to finish its rise on Saturday.

That being said, it still wasn't quite as elastic as I was expecting, so I wasn't able to stretch it out to the full half sheet pan, but it was still a tasty crust.

Hummus (for Shannon's Work)

So, I ordered an item for my food processor from Cuisinart.  Over a month ago.  Only to have to call to get the indicator that it's back ordered.  There's nothing on the website that states it's back ordered, nothing in my status that says it's back ordered.  I had to call and ask.

When I complained I got a generic apology and told to buy from another website.

So I am able to use my food processor by holding a knife to hold the trigger that allows the blades to spin.

I used smoked paprika in this hummus.  I think it turned out pretty good, after settling a bit.

Roasted Chicken Thighs in pitas

Chicken, tomatoes, a bit of onion, pita, done.

Hamburgers on Pretzel buns

White park beef, Pretzel buns, good dinner (and quick)

2018 - Week 6 Cooking Results

Moroccan Lamb Ragu

Took the lamb, made lamb burgers, as time didn't really allow this to move forward as expected.

Sausage, Peppers and Onions Subs

Skipped the peppers and onions parts, as again, I was running late.  It turned out ok, even without that.

Apology Meatloaf

I fell asleep, I intended to start making this around 5:PM on Saturday, but didn't start until closer to six.  I think it was a bit bigger then I intended (I diced bacon up and added it to the meat), but it came together pretty well.  Not overly spicy, just about right.

Spaghetti Squash and Sauce

Nice balance to go off the slightly salted spaghetti squash and a quick sauce with Italian sausage.

Grilled Cheese

I love a good grilled cheese sandwich.  Part of the structure of that involves having good bread.  As I pulled one of the last loaves of bread I have out of the freezer made by my reminds me how good bread can be, if someone is willing to put the effort in.  *sigh*

2018 - Week 5 Cooking Results

Spicy Turkey Meatloaf

So uh... I may have made some adjustments because I ran out of cumin, and the adjustments apparently made this very spicy.  Enough so that I even had a difficult time eating it.  I will have to make apology meatloaf

Spiced Uzbekistani Plov

This was actually really good.  I used ground mutton as opposed to lamb leg,  Good flavor, very filling.

Chicken Noodle Soup

This can also be called emptying the freezer.  Frozen veggies, Duck Stock (yes duck stock).  Also I used rice instead of noodles.  I added turmeric and that worked too.

Brat's Unbound (on buns)

There is something about being able to sear every side and then have that to go.  Good things.

Brat Unbound smooshed into Patties

Also good (Counts as a separate meal, I swear)


White park beef, num num.

2018 - Week 5 Cooking

In the idea that I've once again, able to do things again and not just recover on the couch for a weekend, just to work again (not that work is bad, just cause my brain wasn't working the way it should).  I've finished geotagging the photos taking from the last few trips we've taken with the fancy camera.  On that note I'll be able to take the next step of going though them to figure out what I like vs what I don't (good or bad, I don't think I have the experience to make a judgment there), but I kind of abandoned the process since getting to the Chapel in the Hills, so I'll probably start doing that soon.

I also re-ordered the meats and etc in the freezers.  So now there are separate bags for the various animals: Pork (by far and away the most), beef, sheep (mutton and lamb), goat.  Upstairs has the chicken and the single whole rabbit.  Then a separate bag for the various offal parts (I may be sneaking these into things :-D ).  And one more back for the large parts.  Two whole uncured hams?  JFC... Anyways.  I'm going to know better what I have, meaning I'll know what I need to use and effectively rotate meat in and out.

2018 - Week 4 Cooking Results

Pan Roasted Chicken with Harissa Chickepeas

Monday, I was figuring out what to make, and it came down to, these all have cheese in them, and this one does not.  So that's what it came with.  I still have problems finding Harissa paste, but know where, generally, I can find Harissa sauce.  So I adjust the sauce by guessing.  That being said, it turned out pretty good.  The sauce makes a good cracker topper...

Stovetop Mac & Cheese

3 Types of cheese (not exactly matching the called for types, but generally in a vein of the texture and melt-ability).  It was pretty good, better then the one last week, but a little more complicated.  I've been trying to finish off this salt, and should've used a smaller grained salt to flavor it and added pepper.  Anyways, I think I've got one more recipie to try, then adjust for a stove top mac & cheese.

Beef & Black Bean Chili with Chipotle

I vaguely followed the direction, including processing some of the beans.  I generally liked the taste of it (even though I thought I had cumin, but didn't).  So adjustments.  It was quick, so it had that going for it.

Egg & Guac on Torta

After getting home late, getting one of the last things on the project I've been working on finished, but frankly, it's a really good combination, Eggs, Prairie Breeze, and guacamole on a toasted Torta.  Good stuffs.  So quick

Ground Mutton Burgers on Pretzel Buns

Om nom nom nom.  Look you can have lamb, and that's great, and you can have mutton, and that's also great.  But we should eat more sheep.



2018 - Week 3 Cooking Results

This week was shortened a bit by a trip up north to see The Killers, I learned something in discussions with my long time friend, one of which, we clearly need adult supervision (thanks to both our wives for a. allowing us to be us, and b. keeping us enough in line to not get into to many shenanigans).  Thursday evening, I was still recovering, Shannon brought home dinner.  Thanks to to my friend for taking me along, lets do it again (after our livers have recovered a bit).

Sloppy Sammy's with Gorgonzola

Yeah...this really is good.  You should make it.

Pork Cutlet Cuban Sandwich

I used tortas as the buns, it was pretty good.  I had mine with the orange mustard sauce, Shannon not so much.  Pretty good sandwich.

Bourbon Mac & Cheese

I added a bit of Gorgonzola, reduced the bourbon a bit (knowing that Shannon wouldn't want to have to much of a flavor of bourbon) and swapped out potato starch for corn starch.  Not to bad.  Easy stove top mac and cheese. 

Spicy Black Bean Burgers

I skipped this one, I'll re-judge if I'm going to re-add it.

Taco Salad

This really isn't the same way twice, but I'm starting to see it as an excuse for me to buy jalapeno salsa and eat it.  Which well, a good chunk of my GI track doesn't support.  That being said, I do enjoy it as I eat it.  Later...maybe not so much.