2018 - Week 28 Cooking Results

Chicken Salad

Easy peasy.

Spicy Lamb Meatballs with Raisin Pesto

I used some older mutton (as in the age at time of slaughter) and this came together well.  I used a bunch of fresh mint from the side yard.  I was pretty happy with how all this turned out.  It has been on my list of things to make, but now that the mint has exploded in growth, it's easy to harvest.

Grilled Cheese & Kimchi

So...This is quite fantastic.  It's quite important to remember when building something that the ingredients all matter.  My general lunch sandwiches use a... lackluster bread.  It's OK, but not what I really like.  I couldn't imagine how this would fall down with lesser bread, lesser kimchi or lousy cheese.  Yes I'm sure it'd probably be good, but not near as good.  I chopped the kimchi into smaller parts.  Wonderful.

Skillet Ziti with Sausage and Summer Squash

Timing did not allow this to happen.

Bacon Burger

ground pork + bacon = good

2018 - Week 27 Cooking Results

Taco Salad

Trying to drain out Shannon's head as she's had a slow and lingering cold.  She added a bit more heat to her's then normal, it may have had a bit of an effect.  Though she is still a bit crudded up.

Bacon & Beef Burgers

Good thing.  Combining bacon and beef to added a bit more fat, but with all local meats.

Slow Roasted Onion Dip And All Pork Hot Dogs

So I bought way more onions then I needed then combined a couple of types and set them to cook in the oven and cleaned some more.  I blitzed them a bit in the food processor and combined everything together.  it was pretty good, but quite a bit more then I expected.  I swapped out the cayenne pepper with dried jalapeno pepper powder.

Spaghetti with Italian Sausage, garlic scapes and summer squash

I remember why actual pasta is so good.  I sauteed the sausage and garlic and squash.  Added some canned tomatoes and tossed it with the pasta.  Good things

Chicken Salad

Delayed!  My sister Alissa and her family came through, we went out to eat toegheter.

2018 - Week 27 Cooking

It'll be an odd week.  I'm taking most of it off, one of my sisters is coming through and we're going to Hamilton (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee) with the Mattas.  It'll be a fun week.  Even after all the weather related nonsense of the last 24 hours.  Shannon has not been feeling the best, so hopefully she can get over it before the fun part of the week.

  • Taco Salad
  • Bacon & Beef Burgers
  • Slow Roasted Onion Dip And All Pork Hot Dogs
  • Spaghetti with Italian Sausage, garlic scapes and summer squash
  • Chicken Salad

2018 - Week 26 Cooking Results

Stir Fried Lo Mein Noodles with Pork and Vegetables

So I had some fresh broccoli (Grade A) and some Bok Choy (Blue Gate) and just went from there.  It was pretty good.

Beef & Kimchi Burgers

So these kind of fell apart.  I figure I didn't drain the kimchi enough, so we treated them sort of like sloppy joes.

Grilled Cheese with Mortadella or something

I pulled out one of the last few loafs of bread I have from my brother to make the grilled cheese.  It turned out pretty good.  I do miss that bread.

Ham and Cheese Omelette

This turned into a scramble.  I decided it be easier to make.  Served with bagels.

Indian spiced Roast chicken

sprinkle sprinkle, salt salt, roast roast, slice then sandwiches.

Downpour of June 30, 2018

I was waiting for the rain to start, to cut the heat a bit.  I did not expect the amount of rain we got.  We watched some episodes of Luke Cage season 2 while the sky turned overcast, then the rain started.  Things went fine until around 9:15 PM when the power went out.  I often am stunned with how much sound we are used to with the low hum of the various electronics around the house.  Up and down our street, the lights were out, except for some solar powered lights at a house down the street.  We start to look around outside, find flashlights (batteries dead, but just bought new batteries).  With the darkness, heavy rainfall and rain against the windows, it was very hard to see.

Our garbage and recycling bins floated away.  I went to go find them as Shannon had expressed some concern about them.  The first thing I noticed when starting my trip outside is that there was a river on the dead end our driveway is on.  I headed down on the strip of land next to the street.  I got to the driveway and there were white caps generated as the water rushed over my driveway edges.  it was about a foot or two up the driveway.  I got to the backyard and spotted the bins.  They had camped out at the new fence that my neighbor put in.  I went to retrieve them from the fence and put them closer to the house.  The further away from my house I got, the softer the ground got.  There was water pooled on the ground between our yards.  I pulled up the bins and dragged them (with quite a bit of water inside) towards the house.

On my way about I noticed down the street that there was a car with blinking lights, so I headed back across the front of the house, checking various things in my yard.  I noticed that my neighbor to the west of me had part of a tree down (In the morning we noticed that it looks like the tree got a hair cut and lost a bit of height too).  I walked down the street, to point my flashlight at the car and noticed there were people in side.  I gingerly stepped into the street to make sure I had some sure footing.  The water on Franklin Avenue was to my mid-calf, and very quick.  The two people in the car seemed relatively calm, and I invited them into our house in case they wanted a place to hang out, but they seemed ok for their situation, even after I stated that this would probably go on for another hour or so.  I told them my house was the one on the corner and they're welcome if they change their mind, then I headed back to the house.

People were occasionally going by in cars, jeeps and the like.  So we figured out what to do, Shannon headed upstairs to go to bed, and I played cards on my iPad for a bit then headed downstairs to go to bed (no power, no CPAP, not fair to Shannon).  I eventually fell asleep and was woken up around 1:30 AM, when the lights came back on the the basement.

I headed upstairs to go to bed, and did so.

Looking around a bit on the news and social media, it appears as if there is quite a bit of damage all over the metro,  It'll take a bit to recover from this.  But power's back for the most part, they've already started chopping up the down branches from the neighbor's yard (apparently it knocked down their power / etc lines).

2018 - Week 25 Cooking Results

Korean Sloppy Joe (saw it in Koreatown at the Cheese Shop)

Interesting set of ingredients, but a nice flavor profile to something that feels familiar but has a new flavor to it.  I enjoyed it.

Chickpea "Tuna" Salad

So this was a simple thing to do on a hot day.  Also avoids that burden of having tuna open with several cats in the house.  Turned out pretty good.  I diverted a bit, but followed the recipe for the most part.

Pesque de Quinua

Thursday, I was exhausted after a long day, so I stopped by the Cheese Shop on the way home and had them make us dinner.  Delicious times, and after a full nights sleep I felt way way better.

Funny thing, in describing the day and why I was tired to the nurse, through some miscommunication and misunderstanding there was an assumption that I had gotten an OWI, after explaining a bit, this was cleared up, but it struck me as funny.

White Park Beef Burger

Good as always.

egg and bacon sandwich

Between the Art Festival and seeing the Mr Rogers documentary, we had eggs and bacon.  It was good.

2018 - Week 25 Cooking

This past week I got a chance to catch up with a friend of mine.  And he noticed how much better off I was compared to the last time he saw me.  And it's true.  I am in a much better place.  I have a theory that I can tell how bad off I am by the amount of books I consume.  Perhaps.  I don't think they always correlate, but I am on quite the run this year vs previous years (already consumed more then last year).  Part of me feels like I am cheating a bit, as I am listening to audio books during my morning walk.  But even with that, I am in a better place.  I have played a bit with meditation, but have trouble fitting it in my lackadaisical morning routine.  I suppose if I segmented my morning more it'd work better.

That being said, being able to get my shit together enough to actually make progress in important parts of my life and then being generally rejected is kind of frustrating, but I was still able to roll with getting that bad news.  Knowing that, the next time I receive an advertisement for that type of insurance, I'm going to perhaps have to throw my current insurance company under the bus.  Plus...the world *sigh*.