The Rest of the story

So apprently my entire family, that was home, were going to the wedding too. I thought it was just my parents. So I brought Isaac with me in my car, and Mom, Dad and Jospeh went in their own car. So Driving down there, I thought I got lost, but I was I took a few mile detour. So I continued to head down to Solon. Outside of Solon is a old church called, Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church. It was retired and bought by some people and restored. They now ocassionally have weddings in there. So on the way there, I was talking with Isaac telling him that I was hoping that the church wasn't on a gravel road. I just didn't want to drive over gravel...And I was right, it was on a gravel road... So I drove down the road, very slowly and carefully, parked in the parking lot and looked around. The church is really pretty. Just something that you don't see anymore. It was smallish (at least compared to most Catholic churchs that I see) and set up on a sloping hill. Across from the church was an old cemetery, and as I was walking up there with Isaac, I wanted to take a detour and just walk through the old cemetery and see the old monuments...just for curiousity's sake, but i didn't. I headed up to the church and walked in.

Hardwood floor, old wooden pews, large arched ceiling, beautiful stained glass windows...just a real impressive old building. So I walk in and immediatly get a hung from the Knogg-meister (Dan). Dan and Bret were the Ushers. I haven't seen Dan in forever...Probably sometime in college...and early in my college career too. So Dan now works for MCI doing network support for people that buy connectivity from MCI. He also brought along his long time girlfriend (who's name has escaped me, like most names of people that I've only met once). I'm betting they'll be the next ones getting married. I sat down next to Roxanne...Foxy Roxy. I haven't seen her since a little before she left Ames. I heard that she had gone through some rough spots, but we didn't get a chance to talk about it, but she got her Masters and is on her way to get her doctorate in Psychology, If i heard her right. Scott was there as well. And I don't think I've seen him since he moved down to Texas (he moved back to CR to work at Rockwell). And that was cool too. So there were a lot of comments about Isaac..since he was just a little guy when we were in school and now he's I guess people were kinda surprised. The ceremony was pretty good. The minister even used quotes from Garrison Keillor. Sara looked beautiful in her dress and very happy. So after it was over, we went through the recieving line. I said hi to a bunch of people that I knew (Sara's parents went to the same church I did, when I was a kid).

Jon (who is about the same age as I am, and graduated with me and Nathan, Scott, Dan, Bret, Richard, Clif, Rich, Wade, etc, etc), Sara's brother, Who I haven't seen pretty much in 10 years, since i went to college. He apprently is slowly making his way through college and is in the Marine Core Reserves. His Sister Cresent, who is a little younger then me, got married sometime in here, and I didn't get much of a chance to talk with her.

So we're standing outside...and we're in the middle of the country...and a nice day. So there were bugs everywhere. Little tiny ones and ladybugs...all over the place...climbing on my shirt, in my hair, in my ears.

So...slight detour here. I was chatting with Courtie and then she went off to go babysit and...well...this was her away message:

Miss Slater, the baby-sitter,
I think she's a little bit crazy.
She thinks a baby-sitter's supposed
To sit upon the baby.

Which is just funny and reminds me of Amelia Bedelia stories that were read to me (and i read to others) as a kid.

So eventually I got tired of the bugs, and took off to the reception. On my way there I got low on gas and filled up the tank. I got there and was apprently early cause i beat all the other people that i wanted to see there. So I got myself a drink...a very expensive not so good drink at the cash bar and sat down at an empty table. The night was fun, a small dance, a decent, but often odd, selection of music. The speaches were pretty nice. A few laughs, a few chuckles, and a few moments of sweetness. Nathan and Jenny made the good example of tag team parenting. One would eat while the other would carry and rock a little fussy child and then they'd switch. She's quite the cute kid and the next time I see her she should be crawling and maybe walking around. Lots of talking, lots of fun, a little dancing and a little drinking. It was odd, for me, because I think this was the first time I was at a place where my parents were we I actually did that. I know I no longer hide my diffrence of opinion with them on certain matters, when it comes up, but only when they bring it up, not me being all front about it. I respect their beliefs and the way that I was raised certainly gave me a lot of knowledge and a good moral basis, I just don't agree with a lot of issues.

Anyways, the party slowly died down and closed down at around midnight. Sara was hungry, so we all, eventually, headed over to Perkins to get a midnight snack. Chatting, being friendly and all that. It was fun. Catching up, getting to know, taking jabs at each other. We walked back to the hotel, and went in the foyer and I said my good byes and headed to my car and my parents.

I headed home this morning, while my family was at church...I woke up pretty much as they were leaving...or close to it. All in all it was a great weekend, lots of people i get to see again. It is nice to be home....even if my PS2 is missing...but that's all right, Josh :D