happy new years

So last night my party went off pretty well. In attendence was Josh, Jen, (new) Jen, Steve, Adam, Courtney, Angela, Dave, Pat, Jerry, Renee, Drew, Himi, 3 people I didn't know (and weren't sure who's friends they were), and...I think that was about it...

It started off around 4 or so, when Jen came over and started to decorate, and directe me what to do. It included silver and black ballons on the cieling, strings of fuzzy stuff on the windows, silver straw stuff over the speakers and entertainment center. There were also hanging stars from the vent above the stove. I'd post a picture...but well...I forgot to take them. Once again Jen made my party look very festive. So once again, I'd just like to thank her for taking the time to do that for me.

Around 5:20 or so Josh showed up (he was bored at home) and around 5:40 (new) Jen showed up (she was bored at home). A bit later, Jen headed home to get dressed for the party. Drew and Himi showed up and drew started making Wassail, which was quite yummy. Shortly after that people started showing up and the party went into full swing. Some games were played. Taboo and the Great Dalmuti mostly. Lot of chating. It was a lot of fun. I built a fire and it kept needing to be fed for most of the night.

Near the stroke of midnight the little party popper things were broken out and started exploding left and right. It was fun!

Josh was the first casualty of the night and around 11:30 he ended up in the computer room and crashing for most of the night. Around 1:30 or so..I was the next casualty, and went up to bed. Apprently the last of the people left my house around 4:30 in the morning.

I got up today at around 8:30, with my pager ringing with a misassigned magic ticket. I called the service center and got it reassigned to the right person (without even opening both eyes), I tired to go back to sleep, but to no avail, so I walked downstairs to get myself some water. And just was amazed at the devastation to my home...well not devastation, but it was sure messy. But I did expect it. I found josh sleeping on the couch.

So I went into the kitchen and was amazed at it's amount of stuff in it. So I tried to get some water, and it was empty, so I filled it back up, drank some orange juice...and decided once again to try to go back to sleep. eventually the dirt got under my skin and I just had to start taking care of it.

I'm nearly done with the largest parts of the cleaning. Leaving just a few things to do as part of normal cleaning.

Outside is still covered with ice, and I sanded down the driveway and sidewalk and steps.

I'll have pictures in the next day or so. I didn't take very many, cause I just kinda forgot...but I did take a few.

It was a good party, and people did say they had a good time, so I'm happy :) the mess really wasn't that terrible, annoying sure, but not as bad as it could've been.