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So after a long rough day at work and finding out that starting on Monday we are now on "Project Lockdown". Which means that there is no more sneaking in projects here and there, without specific approval of the Bossman. This is a good thing I guess. No more "Surprise!" projects, but it also means that we're gonna be busy for...oh I don't know...a long time to come. The other thing was we now have to start doing weekly status reports. I don't know about this. We keep track of time in this program called PM Office and now have to keep even more specific records? Oh well. At first I was frightened, cause Seth was the last person I knew who had to do weekly status reports, and when that happened, he ended up getting the boot a few weeks later...but talking to Proctor, I found out that it really wasn't that, more of just providing him with a better idea as to what we are doing and how much load is on us.

I also found out that since I wasn't going to Lawerence, KS with Josh and Jen, I would also be missing DJ Swamp who was playing a few blocks from the Rap show that they were going to. But in all honesty, I was happier to spend the time with Shannon.

So I got home, and I was beat. So I took a shower and played some Animal Crossing to pass the time to when Shannon got off work and got ready. She called and I headed over to get her. We headed over to PF Changs for our 7:30 reservations. We got there around 7:40. and put our name in. So we got our little pager and chatted while waiting for a table. I saw one of the project managers from work, who apprently had been waiting for two hours. There was one lady, who I think had been waiting for awhile, was quite angry, espically when people other then her got a table. So the crowd waiting starts to thin out, and people that came in after us start getting tables. Finally the manager, I believe, comes over and asks for our pager number and I told her and told her when our reservations were for, and then she apoligized...cause apprently they had sent a page for it but it didn't get recieved...this is kinda why I hate these things. Oh well. So we finally sat down and the manager came over and gave us a free appitizer (lettuce rolls) and free drinks (lemonade, for shannon and new castle for me). We ordered and and ate and chatted. She ordered Chow Mein and I had Spicy Orange Beef. I know mine was good, and Shannon enjoyed her's too. The lettuce rolls were good had a nice taste to them. The Spicy orange beef had a interesting combination of flavors. It was slightly spicy, and then you'd get a taste of beef and then a burst of orange. Quite interesting how flavors that you wouldn't expect to go together, end up being quite the interesting flavor that works. I got the bill and was suprised how low it was, and then I remembered that the appitizer and drinks were free, so that helped out a bit.

So we walked over to the movie theater and saw Hitch with Will Smith. I had heard both good and bad things from reviewers so I kept an open mind. And it won't make my all time favorite movie list, but it did make me laugh and it was pretty sweet. Certainly a date movie and a Valentines movie, though. I enjoyed it. So after the movie, we took the long trek across the parking lot to the PF Changs. So this has happened both times that we went to movies...doesn't seem so bad walking to the movie theater, but going back, when the parking lot is all empty and it's colder, it does seem a bit harsh...cause the parking lot is so empty.

So we drove back to her apartment and went in and watched Back to the Future. While we were cuddled up on the couch, apprently George, Shannon's younger, male cat, felt as though I didn't belong...or that my feet were food, cause he kept attacking them. We kept trying to distract him, but he'd eventually return to my stockinged feet. So to protect my feet from George's teeth, I put my shoes back on. Then his attacks slowed down and when they happened, just, well, didn't hurt at all anymore. After much struggling for us both, not to quote many lines in the movie (apprently we've both seen it far too many times), Gracie, Shannon's older, female cat, graced us with her presence. Gracie is not near as friendly as George, but eventually she made it on my lap. And then, apprently George got jealous, so they started was quite the joy to be in the middle of ;) The movie got over and we said our good byes...since it was around 2:30. I walked down the hall, with a big grin on my face. I don't know...I don't think I've felt this comfortable with someone I've been dating...since...well...hell I don't know when.

So...tongiht she's coming over for the Anti-valentines day party (which is gonna be me, jen, jen josh, and maybe courtney). And I'm making her dinner on valentines day and she is making dessert. So maybe the anti-valintines day party is a bit silly...but well..I commited to attend (and apprently host) before I met Shannon.