this past weekend.

So for my Anti-Valentines Part, (new) Jen was the first one to show up. We sat down and watched Oliver! and while it was playing, I watched, straightened, watched, setup, watched. Near the last 1/3rd of the movie, Shannon showed up and joined us in watching the movie, a little later, Josh.

So the night moves on, and Dusty, Jen, Will, and eventually Ryan (edit - it was a Hoffman)show up. We watched a few movies and begain a game of Apples to Apples. And this pushed us pretty late into the night. When Jen got there, I opened up a bottle of Tabor Home Cheery Cherry. It was very tart, but most people enjoyed it. Apples to apples was pretty funny, including Will coming up with a story that involved Dolly Parton being a necromancer. Quite funny. After we grew bored, we switched to telling a story one word at a time. The story..was..well...funny. Around 3:30 AM or so, people left my house to go home or wherever, and I went up to bed.

So That morning I woke up and decided to stay in bed and read. So Harry Potter book III was my company for a couple of hours, while I was waiting for Shannon to call. When she did, I got ready, cleaned my house up a bit and headed over to her apartment.

We watched Garfield, some movie that I can't seem to bring up right now. We were hungry, so I took her down to the Drake Diner. That place is so good. The food isn't the best, but it is very good. We went back to her place and watched Down with Love. Afterwards we talked for a few hours and I headed home around Midnight...Only to clean and get ready for today a bit.

So I am making Sage Pork Roast. Which was quite good, although it should probably be Garlic Sage Pork Roast, cause, well, it has as much garlic in it as it does sage. It's cooking now and my house smells equally like garlic and sage. It doesn't help that I am hungry and have a selection of chocolates from Chocolate STAM.

So she'll be here around 7:30 or so.

time to stir the potatoes.