a few things

So this morning, I took my walk, but we're under a "Air Stagnation" advisory. So it was kinda like walking 2 miles through a poorly ventalited parking garage. They suggested against excersizing, outside.

Also, I just had to mention how fun I found this. Take an empty Stax chips container (plastic tube), put lid on, quickly squeeze container. Lid flys off and flips around in the air. I don't know why this is fun and brings a smile to my face, but it does.

On my way into work this morning, on 63rd St, there was not just a pile of trash, but a bag of trash...half of it shredded paper. There are dumpsters all over this town that you could stop by and throw your trash into. Sheesh.

I forgot to call the weight machine company yesterday, so hopefully I'll do that today.