two nights and...uh...yeah that's a little early isn't it?

So on my way out of work on Tuesday I gave Shannon a call and told her I was on my way home. A short while after I was at home, she arrived with a few loads of laundry to do in my washing machine and dryer (I had made the offer earlier). So she starts her laundry and gets things going. So we played a game of Cribbage, and she did fairly well for her first time playing (ahead at the begining, but by the end just avoiding getting skunked). Then we played some Mario Kart (I won), Mario Party (she won, by a landslide) and then watched some TV. Around 10:20 or so, she was getting pretty tired (it is about her normal bedtime) and there was one last load of laundry left in the dryer. So it got done and she headed home.

This past night, I cleaned a bit, talked with Shannon for a bit, and then Josh came over, we played a little Mario Kart, and then headed downtown. We met Jen at Java Joes and headed over to the Vaudville Mews. We saw aeon grey and Humankind (rap). Both were fairly decent. And considering that it was Humankind's second show, they really are starting off pretty good. Halfway through Humankind, we went over to the Royal Mile and sat and chatted with Tinker and a bit later, Josh an I headed back to my place and then he headed home. Decent night, for a Wednesday.

So talking with Shannon earlier, she said she was talking about me with her mom. Her mom asked my religious affiliation, which Shannon answered, and then her mom said that they'll just have to keep it from her dad since he's apprently very Catholic. And then her mom started talking about marriage and if worst came to worse that we'd have to go to vegas...and I think we both (shannon and I) agreed that it's a bit premature to be talking about that, yet, espically considering that we're just at about 3 weeks of dating...but It was kinda funny... Mothers!

So uh...tonight I guess, since it is Technically Thursday, I get to clean my house in prep for my 2nd board/card game party this weekend. Hopefully I can get it all done tomarrow.