So, work didn't exactly work out as planned, I was late to some meetings, early to others. I did buy Queens of the Stoneage tickets for Me, Jen, Josh, Adam, Dusty, Dave, and Ryan. And prolly gonna sell my Fall Out Boy Ticket to Matt.

So my meetings went ok for the most part. but my team meeting, that usually runs from 3-4 got delayed and we didn't start until 3:45, so I didn't actually leave work until a little after 5 (I wanted to leave by 4). I had to stop and get gas (I put in 12.4 gallons in a 13 gallon tank). So by the time I got home it was about time for me to head to West Des Moines and Mondo's So I quick did a few things (brush my teeth, etc) and headed over. So because I've been busy all day my normal hesitation over meeting new people was really not there until I was driving over. I was listening to Fallout Boy and then My Chemical Romance on the way over.

Since the path I took wasn't very busy, I thought traffic would be worse then it was. I did arrive a bit early. So as always I look at the desserts they have up front and how well they are placed on the plate and the garnish around it to make it look very nice.

A bit later, Shannon shows up and we site down to eat. She has lemonade I had a Guinness, So we get to talking, I order the Pork medallions in a pineapple bbq sauce or...something like that (it was pretty good, pork was very nicely cooked), she has the Pasta Pacifico. So talked and told stories and it was all very interesting. So we also get the oatmeal pies with cinnamon ice cream. Those things are heavenly. So we chat more. Time escapes us, so I go to check what time it is, and it's a bit after 10. So we prepare to to leave, tell a few more stories, and she heads one way and I head the other (after exchanging phone numbers).

So as first dates go, it's right up there. Definitely gonna have to go out again soon…if it’s ok with her. :)