Lots of things

So made plans with my friend Jen to go down to the new bar "The High Life" which is owned by the same guys that did Royal Mile (awesome english pub), Hessen House (never been but heard it's great, german bar), and Buzzard Billy's (decent cajun food).

So after work I got money (yay payday!), went to my barber, got my haircut. One gem of wisdom from it, "Don't think about tomarrow, until it's here" cause I was all worrying about the meetings I have all day today. So I went home and started laundry.

I got a call from Jen, and we decided that we were both hungie, so we'd go eat before hand. After a discussion, it came down to going down and eating at the Royal Mile. That place is so good to eat at. The food is so nummy. I had a bacon stilton buger, she had a cheese burger. So now I got the bright idea to have a wine and cheese party...cause the stilton on the buger was awesome. Jen bought most of the dinner (thanks Jen!), I basically just had to cover the tip.

We headed down to The High Life, and I saw Brandon's xB down there so I'm like cool...someone else I know will be here. The place was crowded. They weren't kidding when they called it the high life, they had 3 count 'em 3 taps of miller high life that I could see. So we hung out with Brandon and Matt for a few hours, and finally I had to go home to finish up my laundry (so I could have clothes to wear today) and start my taxes. So before I went it was Story Time with Matt and he told us a story about the Nebraska game. Some people are just natural story tellers and Matt's one of them, I've heard that story a few times, and I still love it :). I tried to pay for mine and Jen's drinks, but Matt made me put my money away. So, Thanks Matt!

So Jen and I headed out, Jen was returning, she just had to go home to take care of her dog. So I headed home. Go home, moved laundry along and started my taxes. So betweeen doing my taxes, moving laundry along, I was also chatting w/ Josh and the Queens of the Stoneage Concert came up. Even though I'm a recent convert, I really do love thier music, so I'm going....and that some how turned into I'm buying tickets for everyone...which is ok. right now I'm buying 7 tickets (Me, Jen, Josh, Dave, Adam, Ryan, Dusty).

So time passes. I fold more laundry...and I also finish my Taxes. And i gotta say, that between the Mortgage interest deductions, property tax deductions, and student load deductions, I'm getting a lot more back then I ever did before. My taxable income is actually $1000 less then it was last year, and I make more money. *dances a jig*

Only one thing bad came out of this.

The Queens of the Stoneage Concert is the same night as the Fall Out Boy concert...but well...I saw FOB not to long ago, and have never seen QOTSA.

So today I have a meeting from 9-10, 10-10:30, 11-11:30 (action taken), 12-1 (thank you lunch), 2-3 (meeting downtown), 3-4 (team meeting). And a date tonight!