So we met up here, around 9:30 and headed over to the Movie theater to see Sideways. The first line of the movie, is Paul Giamatti dropping the f-bomb as there are knocks on his door. The movie shows a lot of things I think. The depth of which people can obsess over wine, which I understand to some extent. How depressed and self-loathing people can be, which I can also understand. And how obsessed with sex people can be.

For me it was like taking a business trip to California. The last time I was out there, for the Medseek developers conference (2003), I really think they were filming this movie. Cause we ate in a resturant right down the street from the bright Ford dealership. they also showed the resturant (which they also featured later in the film) we ate at in the film too. but when we were coming back to Solvang they had people to prevent us from leaving the parking lot, while they were filming. But I recognized a lot of the towns and scenery...espically Solvang. The land around california, at least where I have been, is great. I went on a few wine tours when I was out there and we were taking breaks from classes (Medseek took us out there).

One of the things about the movie that I don't know if I liked or not, was how it jerked my emotions up and down. So one minute I'm laughing at the stupid things they did, and the next I'm identifying at how the main charecter is thinking about his life and etc, which is kinda depressing. And the ending was just so open...I guess that was kinda the point of it.

Earlier in the night Courtie dropped by returning two of my books (Sinfest) and lending me the next two harry potter books.

After the movie, Jen headed off to bed, and I took (new) Jen back to my house (where her car was) and parked and went into bed....well...into check my email and stuff I guess. But bed here soon enough.