spending time

So I called Shannon around 1 today, just to see what's up and ended up inviting her over to come hang out, rather then being bored at home. So she headed over here we chatted, we watched Jersey Girl. I offer to make her dinner, and she accepts, so after the movie we head over to Dahls to pick up a few things to cook a little stir fry. So we get back, sit down and start watching Big Fish. About 2/3rds the way through I get up to cook. So i make the chicken and flavor it with lime, lemon, tequila, parsley, salt and pepper. So the movie got done and we chat for a bit while the dinner finished cooking.

So I set the table, poured up a bit of Remy VSOP and served dinner. It was yummy. It turned out pretty well. I think the chicken on it's own, was pretty tasty. It was kissed with lime with a light flavor of tequila and parsley. So i clean up after dinner, and we sit down and chat for a little while, listening to music in my cd player.

After a bit I put in Shaun of the Dead. So it's a bit more gory then I remember, but still funny :) So after the movie it was time for her to go home, so we said our farewells, and she headed off.

It was a good day.