The Aviator

So, after running a few errends, sweeping the sand off my sidewalk and goofing off for a good long time, I got ready and headed over to Shannon's to pick her up and go see The Aviator. So this film is farily long, by today's standards, coming in at just under 3 hours. On my way over there, I decided that I would drive the speed limit the whole way. Now this proved very diffucult for me, considering that these are a lot of the same streets that I take to work in the morning...and I'm usually a bit rushed in the morning. I wasn't exactly sure where her apartment was, so I left a bit earlier then I needed to. So I found out where it was, and drove by (being that I would be quite a bit early. So after it was about the right time to be there, I pulled in, found a spot in front of her building and then went to the door. Apparently not the right door, cause it had no buzzer on it. So I headed to the other side of the building and rang the buzzer. Her apartment looked fairly nice, we said good-bye to one of her cats (the other was hiding) and headed over to Jordan Creek's Century Theater.

So this was the busiest I had ever seen the parking lot, although I don't exactly go to Jordan Creek a whole bunch. We drove around for a bit, and finally found a place to park way at the end of the parking lot. So it was quite a hike to get to the theater.

Scorsese has quite the eye, and the movie was very appealing, showing Howard Hughes descent into obsession, the dirty politics of TWA vs PanAm, and many other things about his life. I thought the movie was pretty good, and I think Shannon thought the same. After the movie, we walked over to the cheesecake factory and had some desert and conversation, ranging from movies, to video games, to pranks on our dorm floors in college. It was fun. Eventually we realized that it was 12:45 (they closed at 12:30) so we left. The walk back to the car was a cold one, not because the weather was particularly cold, but because the wind was blowing pretty hard.

I had a good time, she's fun to talk to.

After I dropped her off at home, I was heading home and got a call from Josh (missed cause I was calling someone else) and he invited me over to watch Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. Initially I thought better of it, since I was tired, and I'd probably just end up sleeping on his couch. But I figure, why not stop by? At least to say hello. I was, however, right, as soon as the movie was put in, I was sleeping on the couch. When Vol 1 was over I headed home to get some real sleep (around 4:30 in the morning).

So the Big Game is today. In previous years I had watched it for the commercials, because I really don't give a crap about professional football, I don't know if I'm gonna watch it this year or not. I did get invited to a Party assocaited with it, but if I'm not going to watch it, then what would be the point of going. I don't know. I guess we'll see how the day plays out.