DMMC meeting

So tonight was the organizational meeting of the Des Moines Music Coalition. I called up Shannon to see if she wanted to go, she did, so I went and got her at around 6:30 and headed down there. Shortly after we arrived, Jen got there and joined us in the booth.

So, since this was an organizational meeting it was more about planning and etc, then anything, so it was kinda dry. They talked about organizing to get their 501(c)(3) status, to get grants from various organizations.

So to pass the time, we drew and lettered on the various things that they passed out. I even played Tic Tac Toe with Shannon. So at the end of the meeting, Jen and I went up and paid our $25 a piece and became founding members of the DMMC.

After a bit, we left, and I drove Shannon home. She gave me a quick tour of her apartment (considering I was parked behind some cars in her parking lot) we said our good byes and I headed home, through the slick snow.