Meeting the Parents and this week

So I picked Shannon up, we stopped for gas, and wished each other a happy two month anniversery, and then we drove to Cedar Rapids. We took Highway 151 instead of shooting over to I380 and going north. Less semis, lower speed, but I honestly think it takes shorter...or maybe it's just seems that way cause i actually enjoyed the scenery a bit more then the boring stuff by Iowa City. Next time we go I'll time it, just to try to get a better idea.

So I took her buy the house that I spend the second half of my childhood and then took her to my parents. So I wasn't sure how many people were gonna be there. So there was my parents, my older sister Emily, her husband Brent, and their three kids Mary, Jared and Julia, My younger brother Jed and his wife Stephanie, my two younger brothers Joseph and Isaac. So quite the crew, but still missing quite a bit.

So I made the introductions and all that stuff, gave her a little tour of my parents house. They got a new Couch for the entry room (the one that was in there, was pretty beat up, and also had painted large portions of the upstairs. Apprently my sister in law, Diane did it. It looked pretty good...and I think that's what Shannon was talking about what I should do to my dining room or other rooms in my younger brother Joseph also got himself a Playstation Portable....yeah...I'm a little envious, and it looked pretty cool...I don't know...I just am having the realization that I don't play as many video games as I used to...between taking care of my house, hanging out with friends, and having a girl friend, the times to play video games is much smaller then it used to be. A lot of things that came out I'd be the first in line to get it, now I can wait for it to got on sale for 25$. I even have a few that I haven't even really opened...Oh well... Anyhoo, my family had a few questions for Shannon, and asked them, I think the whole thing went pretty well. Shannon says that I have a very nice family, which is true. I think she made a good impression. on my family...but I guess I'll hear the verdict eventually...

So we sat down for a brunch and the meal was good. I like my mom's cooking...even when she is trying to hide vegtables in things where they don't belong. Jed has made cinnamon rolls. Some with a glaze and others with a chocolate glaze. They turned out pretty well...he said he was being experimental with I guess the only thing I would change about 'em is to make the pastry part a bit more fluffy, they were kind of dense and not even a lot more fluffy, cause they are supposed to be relatively dense, but a little more fluffy.

So after dinner I gave Shannon a bit of a tour of the house, even though I have never really lived there, and a bit later headed down to the recital.

The lady that was holding the recital had taught Emily and Jed, she's apprently been doing it for years. So it started off ok, on the understanding that there were a lot of kids and they're fairly new to this, and it continued to get better, and much warmer and stuffy in the house. The last few, were quite good. Isaac did a good job, it was nice. By the end, we were both pretty warm, so instead of waiting for treats, we headed out.

So we headed over to Shannon's. I parked in front of one of the Gym Teacher's houses when I was at Kennedy, it was kind of interesting. The house was a bright yellow and it still worked. I don't think I could live in a yellow house but it worked for the neighborhood and that house. So we head in, and I meet her mom. I think it went pretty well. We had to find her first, cause she was down in the basement working on costumes for dance recitals. We chatted for a while and then with every sound from the outside, we thought that maybe it was her dad...but most of them were not. So we continued to talk about things. When her dad finally did arrive, I hummed the emperor's march from Star Wars, which got a laugh and also a "stop it". So we chated with her parents for a while longer and at around 7 or so headed home. I think I made a good impression. She barrowed her parent's video camera...for our trip to the Zoo in Kansas City.

So on they way down we talked about a lot of things, and on the way back we talked about more of the state of the relationship thing. I asked questions about the speed of the relationship, going to fast or slow, I also described that there is no fixed time in my mind where anything has to happen. Like we don't have to be engaged after X months or whatever, just kinda wanna do things when they feel right for both of us, not just me, and not just her, but both of us, if one of is not ready then it's not the right time. I told her a thing from my childhood that I, well, don't tell anyone, cause well it's pretty embarressing. I don't think there is anything else that I haven't told her...sure there are probably some details here and there that I may have glossed over, but I think I hit the major stuff. We also talked about future stuff, like how we like planning things in the future. And going places together...

So we got back to her apartment, and kinda watched the news for a bit, and George was his normal distracting, biting self. At around 11 I left her apartment after our good byes. When I got home, I did forget that I should've called my parents and tell them that I was home...but by that time it was around 11:30, so I decided against it (sorry).

So this week...well this week is gonna be awesome. The only detractor is that I won't get to see Shannon as much (but she doesn't particularly like either of the But She's coming over on Tuesday to do laundry. On Wed, thursday, and friday I took time off work. Wednsday Night is Queens of the Stone Age (going with Josh, Jen, Dutty, Dave, Ryan, Adam, and Tiffany) and Friday night is Handsome Boy Modeling School (going with Josh, Jen, and Dutty).

So I also took a little quiz this morning, in response to dutty's entry, and well I was not surprised with the results...other then with Islam placing 4th after agnosticism, Buddhism, atheism. Although the survey, I think, is pretty flawed, cause they often assumed something and I kept thinking yeah well given a particular set of circumstances my answer would be this way, or if the circumstances were diffrent they'd be the other way.