Visiting Boone

Last night we headed up to Boone to visit Jimmy and Gina at their house. They were having a little get together with their neighbors and some other friends. Jimmy made some of his chili and other people brought over several things. It was quite the setup. Jimmy made chili...a hotter one and a mild one. Both meaty and good. The hotter one and a building heat, where it didn't scortch at first, but the more you ate, the more residual heat you felt.

It was quite the crew. A few from the past, but mostly just neighbors and former neighbors. It was nice. We talked about lots of things over the course of the night and lots of good food. We talked about things ranging from marriage laws to immigration to computers. It was interesting.

We had a good time. Left around one in the morning.

I did make Nuclear Brownies and they were fairly popular.