JCAH Christmas Party

This is a bit overdue...since it happened this past Saturday.

We headed over to Bravo!, near Jordan Creek, and we were ushered into a side room with all of the other staff and significant others for the party.

Even though I've been to a few of these, I still feel uncomfortable, but that's really just me. I don't know the names of a lot of people (this is probably more just me, then anyone, since the remember names part of my brain doesn't work). I don't know anything about what they generally want to talk about. So the extra shy part of me comes out in force. I do think it's a great thing for JCAH to do as a whole and I think it does really show how much they appreciate their employees.

So there were appetizers out, drink orders being taken and eventually the entertainment for the evening came out. It was a murder mystery...I've never been to one of these before, though I've heard of them, and it just struck me as a bit odd. It does seem like something that would help a group of people who don't know each other well as opens to join in conversations. The other part is that I thought the instructions on the card we were given, were a bit lengthy...I didn't think I could remember all of the things. Also, some information wasn't there (it was based on Dicken's works).

Over all it was silly...interactive theater I guess it would be called. Fun and not too embarrassing for the people.

After we found out that there was NO murder, we saw a short video presentation by Dr. Whitney. Apparently in January of this year, there was a dog that left a little present on the sidewalk... Being that it was cold, it was frozen to the sidewalk on the side of the building. And so because of the security camera, we got to watch a quick view (maybe 4 frames a minute) of two staff members trying to remove it... They tried multiple snow shovels, shovels, an ice scraper (which you could see it get thrown away) and after a while it finally was freed up and thrown away.

It was very funny to watch.

Afterwords, we headed home.