Floodwaters are out to get you...

So I went downtown to pick up my boss to get some coffee, and we ended up driving around, going to the East Villiage and seeing the swollen river. It is quite impressive. I can't really compare it with the floods of 1993, since, well, I didn't live here. Looks like things are going fairly well so far, and the city is well prepared.

I've not seen much in the way of what Cedar Rapids has gone through yet, but, it now sounds like they are talking as if this will be a 500 year flood (how do you calculate that?). I know at work they are preparing some contingency plans, due to the large amount of servers we have in the downtown area there. We called our parents last night, and my mom said dad and my younger brothers were downtown helping to sandbag.

Though I haven't asked any neighbors that have lived here in 1993, though no in our neighborhood seems concerned. The family to the west of us had a little water in the basement, but they didn't seemed concerned. I'm not either.

I am kind of concerned about the 63rd Street Bridge...the water seems to be getting fairly close to coming over the road...but I think the city is out there.