2018 - Week 27 Cooking Results

Taco Salad

Trying to drain out Shannon's head as she's had a slow and lingering cold.  She added a bit more heat to her's then normal, it may have had a bit of an effect.  Though she is still a bit crudded up.

Bacon & Beef Burgers

Good thing.  Combining bacon and beef to added a bit more fat, but with all local meats.

Slow Roasted Onion Dip And All Pork Hot Dogs

So I bought way more onions then I needed then combined a couple of types and set them to cook in the oven and cleaned some more.  I blitzed them a bit in the food processor and combined everything together.  it was pretty good, but quite a bit more then I expected.  I swapped out the cayenne pepper with dried jalapeno pepper powder.

Spaghetti with Italian Sausage, garlic scapes and summer squash

I remember why actual pasta is so good.  I sauteed the sausage and garlic and squash.  Added some canned tomatoes and tossed it with the pasta.  Good things

Chicken Salad

Delayed!  My sister Alissa and her family came through, we went out to eat toegheter.