2018 - Week 38 Cooking

I need to get rid of my sandals. I also like having sandals, but my feet are wide and tall making the ability to find anything that’ll fit even remotely right a challenge. But I have to do it I really think they are part of the inflammation problem of the bone spurs. Not that those damn things can’t cause their own problems, but the point remains. They have been with me for quite a while, these were the ones that I replaced after Gracie (cat) decided I needed to be taught a lesson (still not sure for what) and decorated the old ones with her urine, while looking at me. These have served me well.

It’s not fall, it should be cooler, but it’s not.

2018 - Week 37 Cooking Results

After getting the impression that fall was actually here, because there was a general cooling, we are back to warmish, but not as humid weather. My thoughts of food have started to turn towards fall, and winter squashes and the dishes that contain them, however earlier this week as it had heated back up (but we hadn’t turned the air back on yet), so I skipped a dish because of that, but I’m still thinking about them, since spaghetti and acorn squash are here. I’m looking at the weather prediction this week and getting frustrated as they are mostly in the upper 80s which really isn’t conducive for winter squash based recipes, at least for me.

We had a strange thing happen this past week. We’re planning a little weekend trip to Springfield, Illinois (Lincoln, FLW house, etc). We are trying airbnb for the first time and we booked well in advance. So from what I gather from multiple sources, the place we are staying changed ownership, airbnb was supposed to basically give you the option to re-book under the new owner’s schedule. They did not. Now if this was a misinterpretation between the host, owner and airbnb, I am unsure, however, it was easily resolved after the initial confusion, other then the refund coming back and the money going in.

Yesterday, our shower head started to leak out the top, so I ran out to pick up a new shower head to replace it. The shower seems kind of big for the place, but we now have a detachable head that I’ve wanted for a while, and it’s really quite easy to do.

Tuna & Noodles with Kimchi

I think this would’ve been fine without my modifications, but Serving a noodle dish without some cheese? To my wife? Yeah that probably won’t fly well. I added some Holey Cow (Central Coast Creamery) and mixed it in which raised the amount of fat and definitely added quite a bit of flavor.

Seared Garlic Sausage (Red Table) on buns with Kraut

These are so good sausages, in dishes, on their own, on bread. I really love these things. I made little sausage medallions and seared them on both sides, so you could pile them up on the buns and top with kraut. Good things.

Braunschweiger (Lucky George) on Rye (Tuesday)

Shannon has an art class, I have Tuesday night ritual, this leaves me to my own devices on Tuesday night. So I get to play with things I’m pretty sure (braunschweiger) or know (rye) she won’t like. I had lunch with Proctor that day, and he suggested the Salted Rye at the downtown Hy-Vee, so I headed down there (I was going to go to the Kosher deli, but part of me feels vaguely disrespectful of their beliefs by taking it and putting pork on it, not that I wouldn’t, but you know another option showed up). Anyways, mildly drunk I made myself a sandwich and it was good. Thus all was good in the world. I then took a nap.

Stuffed Delicata Squash, based on This

Used the Italian sausage to make little patties to put on pretzel buns. Made for a good alternate meal as the temp was rising again.

Thai Pumpkin and Chicken Curry

With the leftover pumpkin from making the first pumpkin bread of the season, I pulled this together. I had to make a couple of modifications (green curry paste instead of red, on hand plus red was out in the store). As another change, I served it over quinoa instead of rice (I thought I had rice, but didn’t). The taste was pretty good.

2018 - Week 37 Cooking

I have a smoker in my garage.  And while I don't feel as if it is mine, I believe I was told that it is.  However, it's the type of smoker that requires the constant tending, that I am not generally willing to do (I have done things that are long cooking and need monitoring, but that usually involves me napping or reading on the couch).  In doing research I have been coming up with a smokers to kind of start me off, and Traeger certainly makes the list, but they're on the expensive side.  One of their reps were at the local(ish) CostCo and made a pretty convincing argument, but the cost...the cost is challenging.  While trying to reduce debt and continue to live, it's always a balance to make high cost decisions, especially on something that I could end up not really using.  I guess the same could be said of the Sous Vide thing.  That's not near as expensive though.  That being said, I'm still thinking about both.

2018 - Week 36 Cooking Results

Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Ceaserish dressing

Well not so much grilled as sauteed, but when it comes down to it, it probably ended up being close to the same thing.  I liked how the dressing turned out, though sometimes I want something smaller then the full blender container, but then again, I would probably use it so infrequently...  This is often a debate I have with myself.  I often want a thing, but then I have to think is it worth the space in the kitchen and will I use it often enough to justify the space.  this is a probably not a thing that would justify the space.

Brats (Lucky George)

Also good Things!  Yay for labor day, even though it was very rainy

Pork Burgers with Bacon (Lucky George)

Good things!  Made for a good Labor Day Celebration.

Tuna & Noodles with Kimchi



As tomato season winds down, you have to have one more BLT.  It was good, as they always are with the fresh agreement.

2018 - Week 35 Cooking Results

Chicken Spiedie Skewers with Italian Dressing

So as I have been taking some time off to avoid my vacation bank max, it has been a lot easier to take the recipes that need a bit more time and get them going, then maybe take a nap, then work a bit more on it.  This really wasn't that hard, and only took a little bit of preplanning.  I had sticks leftover from the partial melon balls we made for one of Shannon's work things. so I used those, but I really supposed I didn't need to, as we just took the chicken and put them on buns with tomatoes and etc.  Still pretty good.

Chorizo and Potato Tacos

Chorizo acquired from Remnant Hills Farm.  Tacos made.  Good things.

Kimchi Mac and Cheese

I had leftover onions from the Chicken Spiedie and cooked the chicken that was meant for the grilled chicken sandwich, so I added those (cooked) near the end.  I even dumped in some of the remaining Italian dressing (just to use it).  I've made this before and it was quite good, and with these additions, it was still quite good.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Ceaserish dressing

Delayed?  Cancelled?  We went out with friends instead.

Lamb Burgers

The pork bag is getting pretty full, because of this, I puled out some pork instead.  Good stuff.

2018 - Week 34 Cooking Results

Herbed Cauliflower Rice with Chicken

So I’m not sure what I was doing last time, but using the grating blade this really turned out pretty well. I added a bit of Samuel olek to mine.

Spicy Carrot Sandwiches

The goodness returns, I have missed these. I used some grade a gardens carrots. I didn’t have  caraway seeds, which is kind of odd since I almost always have them around. Even so, they were quite good. I do miss good sourdough though.

Peanut Rice Noodles with Pork

I cannot express how much rice noodles turn into glue. That being said, warm, pretty good, cold. Wonderful. Though they did heat up quite a bit (spice).

Chorizo and Potato Tacos

Delayed!  I apparently don’t have any chorizo in the freezer. So we had just taco salad. 

Cinta Prosciutto Grilled Cheese

I have enjoyed eating this and in the grilled cheese, good things.

2018 - Week 33 Cooking Results


Well...tis the season.  Turned out pretty well.

Blistered Shishito Peppers on hot dogs (all pork)

A little blistering goes a long way, and these combined with the wonderful all pork hot dogs are a very good combination.  On a side note I really need a vent fan.

Bacon Burgers (Lucky George) with Chile Verde (Juan's)

So there's the Chile Verde, killing it, and the bacon burgers being delicious.  Good stuff.

Bratwurst (Lucky George)

Lazy cooking week for the win.  Clearly a good thing.

Herbed Cauliflower Rice with Chicken

I was tired when I got home Friday, so we ordered in.  I plan on making this tonight.