2016 - Week 49 Cooking

I was sitting on the floor sorting through meat from the freezer, I noticed that my brother had spent some time reorganizing it, but I probably messed it up again.  But since there are missing shelves, it makes it problematic to organize, so I'm going to start looking for shelves to help with this.

I've also decided that I need to go through and use stuff that's in there.  I've got some rabbit, a bag of bones (for stock), and some previously made stock (I'm pretty sure it's duck stock), or toss it.  I need to be more aggressive on tracking and labeling.  I did that for my cellared beer. because I'd forget what was what, plus it has the added benefit of being tied to untappd, so when I drink something in untappd, it can remind me to check to see if I took it out of my cellar.  Anyways, More tracking, which means auditing.  Maybe I make something or find a list app.

So if you have a suggestion for managing stuff in multiple locations in a house, I'd appreciate the recommendation (iOS)

It's pumpkin bread time!  Or at least time to start to think about it.

2016 - Week 48 Cooking Results


Sweet Potato Stuffing hash with eggs (leftovers)

I still have problems getting the crust to form on potatoes with hash.  I may just be to impatient, or using to low of a temp, or any number of other reason.  But these turned out pretty well, though some of the crust left in the pan, but still pretty tasty.

Turkey Soup with dumplings (dumplings per request, leftovers)

I forgot to make the dumplings...for some reason, so I just ended up making turkey soup.  Even so, it came out pretty well.  Cold it's fairly gelatinous, and warmed up, it's nice an silky (and reduces chapped lips). 

Kapusniak (leftover bacon, potatoes)

Still have turkey soup, left, didn't want another leftover soup in the fridge, delayed!

Chorizo Taco Salad

I need to have a method to organize the meats in my fridge, but even so, I had recently bought some chorizo and so this!  Hooray!

Butternut Squash sausage w/ salad

From Lucky George farm, pretty good stuffs.  Maybe the squash could've been smaller as it went in, because some parts the squash was done, others it was a bit too dense.  Even so, another pretty good sausage mix from Lucky George & Story City Locker.

2016 - Week 48 Cooking

The use of the leftovers continues.

Oh the Pumpkin bread with brown butter and bourbon?  I don't like as much as my chocolate chunk also has a lot more steps, which would make the mass production of it a lot harder.

  • Sweet Potato Stuffing hash with eggs (leftovers)
  • Turkey Soup with dumplings (dumplings per request, leftovers)
  • Kapusniak (leftover bacon, potatoes)
  • Chorizo Taco Salad
  • Butternut Squash sausage w/ salad

2016 - Week 47 Cooking / Thanksgiving Results

Anthony Bourdain's Mac & Cheese

Probably the most expensive mac & cheese I've made, but to be fair, I did make choices to make it more expensive.  I used Red Table Meats the Royal, and then a bunch of cheese from the cheese shop to combine to make this.  It was quite good.

Grilled Cheese

Simple and quick, as is it should be for this week.


Om nom nom.


So we were on our own for Thursday night, and Friday night, but on Saturday, I took some of the leftover turkey breast, diced it up, some potatoes, peeled and pre-cooked them a bit in the microwave, tossed in the leftover green bean dish, covered it in gravy & some chicken stock, then covered it with leftover mashed potatoes.  Prep was almost nil, though it still did take ~ an hour to come up to an acceptable temperature.

Thanksgiving turned out pretty well.  Some audibles and to be made.  Since the turkey was so big (27 pounds), it took for damn ever to thaw.  I had to use my oldest chefs knife to literally saw through to get the turkey breasts off so I could brine them.  Because of that I was also unable to make turkey stock ahead of time (for gravy and etc).  I would've had time to make rolls, but I was starting to get tired, at nights, so I picked up rolls.

My assistant this year changed, I traded in the older reliable model for the younger less knowledgable one.  I only had to correct him once.  The take away is when you are done with an ingredient, put it away, especially in a tiny kitchen like mine, where counter space is at an absolute premium.  Things were simplified from last year, knowing that I wouldn't have the same level of help.  Isaac worked out good though, he took a whole dish off my care (which was commented on in positive terms by a lot of people).

While Isaac was making the sherried sweet potatoes when the sherry cork, well fell apart.  After extracting it, we had to, well drink the rest of the Sherry, so it was a good thing to have.  (according to my uncle in law's app it was in the top 7% of all Sherry).  

The bacon from Whole foods was to thick.  But other then that things turned out as expected.  Everything was pretty good.  Another Thanksgiving in the books.

FFS, really forget the pictures?  Updating to include the pictures.

2016 - Week 47 Cooking

So this week we've got Thanksgiving, so there will be simple cooking.  I'll probably do a good chunk of that shopping on Tuesday.  We adulted and on the recommendation of the appliance repair guy (who came and re-repaired the oven), we are replacing our washing machine, which has survived just over 12.5 years.  The benefit of getting a new one, is the added technology features, and the much bigger capacity, allowing us to wash things like the comforters, without having to go to a laundromat (which is fine, just inconvenient).  Estimated repair cost (without labor) is almost half of the on sale price of what we got.  We'll be getting it delivered and hooked up pretty soon.

We added another cat to our house, more like took over the care of another cat that was family related.  So we're pushing into the crazy cat people territory.  There has been quite a bit of adjustment to the cat dynamic.  So we'll have to be patient as the various levels of cat hierarchy organization are re-built.  We've updated all her shots, got her tested and have a follow up booster already scheduled.  Then we also have an estimate for some dentistry.  It has balanced out the house by gender, with Myself, Loki and Máni on one side, and Shannon, Moonshadow and Freyja on the other.  Hopefully this settles out soon.

I also had to say farewell to my brother as he headed out west.  Clearly I have mixed feelings about this.

2016 - Week 46 Cooking Results

Dried Beans & Hocks & Parmigiano Reggiano Rinds into...something

So my brother used the beef stock and reduced it down...which was great since it was unsalted, it didn't build down to extra salted.  He didn't use the rinds, like I suggested, but it was his call, and I was happy to come home on a Monday (or Tuesday? though I was late, very late), be able to just dish up some beans and put them over rice.  Good stuffs, and everything that went into it, was something I already had (local dried beans, hock from crooked gap, etc)

Loaded Hot Dogs with Chipotle Mayo (modified)

Pork Hot Dogs from Crooked Gap, but other then that it was pretty much following the recipe.  Good stuff, maybe a little salty (fritos are really salty to me now).  Hey look at that, there is a lightly salted fritos...

Ham & Mushroom Quesadillas

A bit more prep then one might think for quesadillas, but it made for a pretty good meal.

Anthony Bourdain's Mac & Cheese


Crispy Skillet Turkey Burgers

Pretty good stuff, maybe a little more carb heavy then I should have, though.  Which I suppose is the drawback here.  You could get away with using a bit less bread crumbs, and try to get some of the crust from the cheese?  Anyways  Good stuffs.

Thanksgiving 2016 - Finalized





Updated 11/23 to adjust for time constraints and the turkey remaining frozen.

2016 - Week 45 Cooking Results

Hamburgers w/ Kraut

Again, simple and good.

Mini-Sloppy Joe's with mushrooms

A nice combination of flavors, apparently including maple syrup (I didn't make them).

Scrambled Eggs & Sausage

Going simply this week, and what is more simple this this?

Buttermilk Pancakes & Sausage

No big stack, just a serving with a bit of maple syrup, but I do like pancakes.

Steak v Chicken

This turned into taco salad.  Started the steak first, covered in chili powder, then added the chicken, then added tomatoes and etc.  Good stuff, probably more carbohydrates then I originally intended for the meal (almost none) but still a good meal.

Thanksgiving 2016 - Draft / notes


  • Carrots, Celery, Cornichons - Tuesday
  • Classic Cheddar Cheese Ball - Tuesday
  • Underground Meats Summer Sausage - Do on day of, when preparing snack tray
  • Crackers (Bought variety, buying another batch still)
  • Glogg?