2018 - Week 16 Cooking Results


So it has been a while and I seemed to forget how important it was to get as much liquid as possible out of the tomatoes (I did poke a squeeze them, as I do) plus I used buffalo mozzarella this time, which may have added to the liquid that eventually pooled and dampened the crust.  I went back to the standard King Arthur Bread Flour (after uses some of the other flours in my house), which behaved as I expected.  I would like to do a mix of the others or at least something, but that would probably require me to make pizza more often then is really good for me.

Kimchi Fried Grain (Quinoa)

Using leftover Quinoa, this came together pretty quickly and tasted pretty good.  Certainly a way to use leftover grains that I cook (which is the purpose).

Pork Hot Dogs

Good as always.

Mutton Burgers

On the one hand, eating the last of the mutton in my freezer is sad, on the other, it's almost Market season!  Served with Cabra Blanca.  Good Stuffs.

2018 - Week 15 Cooking Results

A couple of accomplishments this week.  After some questionable previous financial decisions, we have finally consolidated our house debt into a single loan (at least it will take effect very soon) and have plans to accelerate the pay down a bit, but also free up general monthly income.

We're continuing to aggressively (but not overly aggressively, as to continue to enjoy life) go after things we need vs not.

We have also been slowly re-organizing and cleaning the edge locations of the house.  Donate or give away things we don't actually use (camping is out, per my sleep apnea), then fill that space with things we do, or at least one of us does.  We free up space, then organize space then free up more space.  Some decisions are just things we have put off doing, but now do, cause it is what is next (some / most of this is probably on me).

As my mental state has generally stabilized in what I suspect is an acceptable normalish range, I think a lot of this is more possible and things are generally easier to do.  I do not have to work through getting myself motivated to do a thing, but generally can just get started.  I still spend an excessive amount of time analyzing my thoughts because I suspect they will be unreasonable, but more often then not, now, they are not.

Roasted Chicken Thighs Salad

While cleaning the kitchen yesterday, I simply roasted some chicken then let it cool and refrigerated it.  Then combined it with a some mayo, sour cream, mustard, celery, a bit of diced pickles and pickled jalapenos.

Thai Style Red Curry Chicken with Vegetables

I followed this for the most part, and served it over quinoa.  This added a nutty underlying taste to it, which I thought was nice.

N'duja With Eggs on Flatbread

Little spice, little fat, little eggs.  Good stuff.


Delayed until today.  I took the dough out already to do the final rise

Taco Salad

Another easy choice.  I may need to stop eating very spicy salsa.

Turkey Torta

Buy Torta rolls from CostCo, Make tortas, easy peasy.  This worked out pretty well.

2018 - Week 14 Cooking Results

I took a short trip (less then 24 hours there) to Madison for a bit of training.  So I met up with most of my team and we had a very nice dinner at Graft.  Quite a good meal, nice time with my team mates.  Fun time.  Although it's not a lot of time for 9-10 hours of driving.

Spicy Larb with Cabbage Cup

So apparently the spiciness of larb is not on the Ok side for Shannon.  So I will have to reconsider how I make this in the future and reduce the heat.  That being stated, I went to pork burgers and put kimchi on it.  Good stuffs.

Scrambled Eggs and N'djua


Fried Egg Tacos with Spicy Chile Jam

Quickly came togheter, Tasted pretty good. 

Pork Burgers

There was not enough pork in the freezer, so I pulled out some mutton instead.  Good stuffs.

2018 - Week 13 Cooking Results

The week was going well, was starting to concentrate on good eating behaviors again, then it took a sharp turn as work related crisis happened.  Things worked out as best as they probably could've considering all aspects.

Masoor Dal

So per a lunch conversation with some friends, I suddenly had a desire to find and make this.  Now I think I didn't realize it would be as carb heavy a meal.  I think my conclusion was that I didn't add enough spice (a number of Cook's Country / Illustrated recipes are a bit light on the spice for me), however, combined with some toasted flatbread, it was quite good.

Fried Egg Flatbreads with Nduja and greens


Sloppy Joe's with Gorgonzola

I was talking about this at the cheese shop with another customer and it reminded me that I haven't had it in a while.  I took the extra effort to toast the cocktail buns.  This was as good as I remember.  However, I did use the last of my Lucky George White Park (I think) beef.

Spicy Larb with Cabbage Cup


Cauliflower Rice with Jalapeño, Green Onion and Chicken

This kind of turned into somewhere between mash and rice.  Maybe I made the pieces to small or cooked it a bit long.  Even so, it tasted pretty good.

2018 - Week 12 Cooking Results

Cuban Burgers

Vaguely followed, Pretty Good.

Cheesy Baked Pasta with Cauliflower

I made one minor change here.  The cheese didn't exactly match, as there wasn't quite the match at the cheese shop, but I also changed this vegetarian dish to not, and added the leftover Garlic Sausage (red table), cutting it into rounds and then mixing it in.  That being said, this came out pretty well, porky, fatty garlicy and earthy (cauliflower).  More experiments to come I suppose.

Garlic Sausage Sandwiches

Halved the garlic sausage, seared, and then added to a sandwich.  Good things.

Peruvian Style Grilled Chicken with Spicy Green Sauce

So I think I've about had it with my food processor.  The pieces of it are getting harder and harder to find as Cuisinart has replaced it with a model that is slightly different.  That being said, this came together OK (minor leak splattered my shirt for the chicken marinade).  I used chicken thighs instead of breasts and the oven instead of a grill.  Good things.  I do like the Green sauce.

Ham Steak & Egg scramble

This turned into ham steak and eggs on bagels.  Good things.