2017 - Week 41 Cooking Results

Rabbit Minute Steak with Salad (Lucky George)

Rabbit, I think, gets a bit milder without the bones with it.  I fried it up in a pan, had some beer washed cheese (quite good) on top and on sourdough with some spinach.

Regular Bratwurst (Lucky George)

Simple, good, made with good pork.

Chorizo Taco Salad (Crooked Gap)

I forgot, twice, to get guacamole.  I have failed my wife.  Clearly I need more then "taco stuff" on my grocery list.

Spaghetti Squash & Red Sauce

Delayed!  Due to the time frame and heading out to see Something Rotten, I didn't think that it would work out well to have the roasting time (which can vary a bit) with the firm deadline to leave, I made Italian sausage sliders instead.

Beef (Lucky George) Burgers on Pretzel Buns

Om nom nom.

2017 - Week 40 Cooking Results

Stir Fried Cucumbers with Spicy Ground Pork

So this may have been a bit to spicy for Shannon (I did go to the upper side of the recommended spice).  I also forgot to make the rice early so it had to wait, warm in the pan, while the rice finished.  It was probably spicier then intended due to the fact that one of the cucumbers looked funny on the inside, so I tossed it.  So I really liked how the pork was prepared, and in general I liked this.  Certainly a good use of a lot of cucumber.

Sichuan Peppercorn Burgers with Chili Ginger Mayo

...ehh...s'right.  It wasn't as spicy as I thought it might, nor as distinctive as I thought.  But it's ok.

Spaghetti Squash "Cacio e Pepe"

This was really fantastic.  The description that Bon Appétit puts forward is accurate.  It was a good dish, easy to put together after the squash is cooked.

Eggs and Bacon (Remnant Hill Farms)

Pretty good bacon, but processed at the Story City Locker, should I expect anything less?

Grilled Cheese

Om Nom nom.

2017 - Week 39 Cooking Results

Chicken Alfredo Spaghetti Squash

It was seasonal, and pretty good.  I cooked the squash lower and a bit slower which led to a stringier texture which is the purpose.  But it was a little under salted, so maybe I need to salt more before it cooks, or toss it with some salt.  The Alfredo turned out pretty well.

Pork Burgers

Always good.

Roasted Chicken Thighs Salad

Fresh late season tomatoes with a bit celery, spices mayo and mustard.  I'm really liking this process.

Spicy Beef and Cucumbers with Black Vinegar

...I didn't feel like it. but got a hankering for sloppy joe.  Some sort of comfort food, It was heavy on the meat light on other things.  I used the heart tomato and some other ingredients to come up with a random joe.  It felt comforting.

It was nice to see most of my family, catch up with some cousins and uncles and aunts.  See a few nieces.  It's to bad it was under such a sad circumstance.  My thanks to Shannon for supporting me during this difficult time.

A bit of a personal side bar.

So this month has been rough.  On top of the external stressors, my work Grandma (Judy / Juju) passed suddenly.  I think she had been retired for just under a year.  It really hit me hard.  Then this past Tuesday, I had already processed the loss of my Grandma (dad's mom, also my last grandparent), as she has become less and less there and even said so in my therapy appointment, however when the seriousness of her condition started to get expressed around my family, my normal reflection time took on a very emotional connotation as the songs playing at the Cheese Shop reminded me of the past (Time in a bottle really pushed me over the edge).  So I held back and pondered and became more and more morose.  Decided I wouldn't be able to cook, and with some texting back and forth with Shannon ordered dinner to take home.

I then became a blubbering mess.  I fell asleep at some point and eventually made it upstairs to go to bed.

I think Grandma is really the source of the Food is Love in my family.  Making sure there were always good food to share and eat and cookies in the cookie jar.  A lot of our fond family traditions revolved around the food she made.

I'll miss my grandma, but I feel that she has left a strong desire in my to have people around me enjoy the food I make for them.

2017 - Week 38 Cooking Results

Chicken Alfredo Spaghetti Squash

Heat came back with a vengeance, so I had to take a pass on this.  I sautéed the chicken and made it into sandwiches.  It should cool down this coming week, so I'll try this again.

Roasted Tomato Sauce Pizza

So clearly a pizza is a sum of it's parts, and if you fall down on one, the pizza fails.  So last time around when, due to forgetfulness, I used sub-par cheese, it brought everything down.  This time around it was maybe a bit to saucy (I still haven't gotten the right weight of self roasted tomatoes to use as opposed to drained canned tomatoes).  But the taste was as good as it should be.

Roasted Acorn Squash, Kale and Italian sausage over rice

This was a nice, healthy meal.  The Italian sausage adding protein and fat.  I used less rice then I normally would've, but I think that was for the best (have to watch that carb intake).  I had leftovers for a few lunches.


For some reason, I choose these recipes that call for 12" non-stick skillets.  I don't have one, I don't want to buy one, but whenever I do it in my 12" skillet, there's always a bit of a drawback (just started to run the skillet through the dishwasher again).  Even so, this was kind of like a breakfast burrito, except in the pan.  Pretty easy to do.

Foxy Blonde Brats (Lucky George)

Good Stuffs, still should find the beer to go with these.