2017 - Week 16 Cooking Results

Easter:  Chocapocalypse Cookie (p204-205 EveryDayCook) or here

So uh...holy crap those are good.

Pork burgers on pretzel buns

Local pork, defrosted costco pretzel buns, easy, quick

Sloppy Sammys

easy, quick (get a theme here)

Italian Sausage and Potato Frittata

I adjusted this to be just bread, sausage patty, eggs on top.  I've been a bit mentally exhausted and just couldn't bring myself to follow a recipe.

Mustard chicken thighs

Olive Oil, dijon mustard, salt, pepper, tossed, baked, ate.

Grilled Ham & Cheese with Strawberry Jam

I used some 1655 Gruyere, some medicore ham and had a delicous meal.

2017 - Week 15 Cooking Results

Sausage and Cabbage Stir Fry

Relatively easy to put together and cook, and nice to eat.  Quick, tasty and easy.

Grilled Cheese (quick dinner tonight, we have tickets to Fun Home)

Pulled out one of the few loaves of Wild Yeast Bakery (SPQR) frozen in deep freeze to make the grilled cheese.  It was still very good.  Made for a great grilled cheese sandwich.

Crispy Tomato & Butter Bean Skillet

Vegetarian dish, nice flavor.

Bratwurst Reuben

I really liked these, my dad really liked these.  They're kind of messy, though.

Chicken Thighs with Green Beans and Mustard Sauce

Skipped, took the thighs and dusted them with various spices and made tacos instead.

2017 - Week 14 Cooking Results

Grilled Cheese and Mortadella (Underground Meats)

While I've had better mortadella, I'm glad I had this, it is quite good and clearly crafted.  That with some Gruyere, good stuffs.

Grown Up Stovetop Mac & Cheese

So I needed American cheese to make this work.  While I didn't want to buy a multi-pound block, since I'm not sure what other uses I'd have for this, so I ended up buying (generic) single slices of cheese.  It is true, the stabilizers and etc in there really do smooth out the cheese sauce.  I kind of liked the way that this worked out, though I'm still annoyed about using that "cheese".

Lamb Larb

I do like me some larb, and made with lamb?  Delicious.

Basic Bulgogi

I doubled this recipe, because I wanted to make sure I had leftovers (and I believe I added extra meat to the cart on accident, because I thought I needed it for something else.

Bacon wrapped Roast chicken

Simple, baked, good.

My dad has been here all week and he's been a good house guest.  Though I am looking forward to having my private (shared) space back when he returns to where he normally is staying.

2017 - Week 14 Cooking

Things are attempting to return to normal.  I enjoyed my last week in Madison, though it did have it's own stressors and annoyances (took me days to get used to the hotel room enough to get a decent amount of sleep).  I went to a bunch of restaurants, which were generally quite good to amazing.  For me Red (Sushi) and the Heritage Tavern are at the top of the list, but nothing was disappointing (except the hotel breakfast, but what can you expect).  I really enjoyable to watch Jack Yip prepare a personalized sushi course for the couple next to us.  The level of craft and detail was just stunning.  It was a clear strain on my own socialization ability to be with that many people for so long every day.  It was nice to spend that much face time with my team members, though, in both work and social events.

2017 - Week 11 Cooking Results

This proved to be a fairly forgetful week.  Cause..stress...I suppose not that forgetful, but enough so.  Planning for the next two weeks is kinda of out the window.

Chicken Alfredo, with real pasta (birthday dinner)

After a night at Alba (delicious), I put together one of Shannon's favorites.  Though I did forget the chicken, even after buying chicken that morning to make it with.  It did turn out very good, even so.

Steak v Chicken, finished in OVEN

Yay! oven!  This is my compromise.  Shannon doesn't like steak so much (especially the tougher and tastier cuts I want that are higher in iron).  Nice sear, nice finish, good stuffs.

Shepherd's Pie (Lamb, not beef)

It got warm...I didn't want to spend the evening over the stove and Shannon was ok with that, we had lamb burgers.

Slow Roasted chicken (Crooked Gap)

Finally got to roast that chicken.  Finally got to use the vertical roaster I got from my mother in law.  I brined the chicken, rubbed it with olive oil, sprinkled it with salt, put some orange juice over it and in the bowl of the roaster.  Turned out pretty good.  I'll have to do it some more.

Sweet Italian Sausage and peppers grinders

Easy, yummy.

2017 - Week 11 Cooking

Stressy stress stress stress.  I've been drinking to much, not sleeping well (even w/o drinking).  And while my haunting nightmares have stopped for now, I'm still in a state of stress.  I have however been walking more (a lot of week days I've over 15k steps), which helps me manage a bit.  I can see a light at the end of the tunnel, but it could just be a false light, but I'm hopeful.

That being said, I'm thankful for the support of friends and family.  Those who offered support in many ways (space, ideas, thoughts, and financial).

On top of that, lets just add being on night call...  *sigh*.  Thought to be fair, that's not for that long.

  • Chicken Alfredo, with real pasta (birthday dinner)
  • Steak v Chicken, finished in OVEN
  • Shepherd's Pie (Lamb, not beef)
  • Slow Roasted chicken (Crooked Gap)
  • Sweet Italian Sausage and peppers grinders

2017 - Week 10 Cooking Results

Ultimate Zoodles

So the spiral slicer that I have seems to create well formed vegetable noodles, the issue is that it appears to depend on the size of the vegetable.  so while I'm more then willing to have a center circle stick taken out to make the rest into noodles, for carrots, it doesn't make a ton of sense.  Maybe that's just cause I wanted to use carrots?  I could totally see how it can work (especially with the videos) for larger vegetables, but I'd need to find a better way (with a mechinical advantage) for carrots.

Goat Burgers with Chèvre

I planned to do this on Tuesday, then remembered that my mother in law was coming into town.  Not wanting to push outside the American norm habits on my mother in law, we went to Krunkwich.  And while certainly not a straight ahead pick, a place where we could all be happy.

We did have the goat burgers the next night, and a little salt, and a little pepper.

So I'm thinking that either my previous stove wasn't getting enough gas, or wasn't passing enough through, cause these burners are a lot hotter and I have to pay a lot closer attention.  Still adjusting to how it works.

Grilled Corned Beef and Fontina

The corned beef wasn't quite what I expected... I mean sure it was mediocre corned beef, but after a couple of years of having some truly excellent corned beef (thanks to the fine people at the Cheese Shop), this was kind of a let down.

Canadian Bacon, Eggs sandwich

As intended from last week, finally done as expected.  Good things.

Steak v Chicken, finished in OVEN