Respect can be defined as: To feel or show deferential regard for; esteem. Accept can be defined as: To endure resignedly or patiently.

On every person, there are parts of them that you respect, parts that you accept and sometimes there are parts that you may not particularly like. These all add up to the person. Sometimes you like that person and sometimes you don't, and you usually respect the people that you like, but there are things about all people that you just grow to accept.

There are things about all the people that I know, that I just accept about them. I love the people as they are, but that doesn't meant that I have to respect all of the choices that they make in their lives. I sure will accept least most of them. Sometimes I also try to give them alternate choices, in hopes that maybe, just maybe, they'll try something else and see if different results come about.

Sometimes I like to talk about things, and sometimes I don't realize that some people can't really take a dispassionate view about some topics. Some topics can be far to close to the heart to talk about reasonably. I know that not everyone has the same view of the world that I do, and I don't expect them to.