House Tour

So here's the house at 4300 Franklin:

4300 Franklin external picture

Going in the front door you can look around and see the stair case upstairs:

stair case to upstairs

The front door closed:

front door closed

the front door open:

front door open

to the right you have the living room:

living room shot 1

living room shot 2

the fireplace in the living room

living room fireplace

back from the front hall to the left you have the dining room (notice the cool cupboards):

Dining room shot 1

dining room shot 2

at the back of the house behind the living room is the kitchen:


The kitchen has a door that goes out to the deck and also has a door that goes out to the front. Between the kitchen and the living room is a short hall that has a bathroom (that I forgot to take a picture of) and a staircase to the basement:

staircase to the basement

at the base of the basement staircase you've got a little hallway:

base of basement stairs

to the right side (when facing the stair case (under the dining room) you have the laundry room and the utility closet:

laundry room

At the back of the laundry room is a door to the Garageish type thing.

On the other side of the basement (under the living room) is the family room:

living room 1

Which has the second fireplace

living room 2

So now if we go all the way upstairs we have the first bedroom (above the dining room).

bedroom 1 entrance

bedroom 1 shot 1

bedroom 1 shot 2

notice the cool door looking out in the halway

bedroom 1 shot 3

At the top of the stairs between the bedrooms there is the full bathroom:

bathroom shot 1

bathroom shot 2

and a sky light above the shower:


On the other side is the second bedroom (above the living room):

second bedroom

From the second bedroom you can look through the cool door back into the first bedroom:

cool doors

And that's about the extent of the house...