what are people thinking...

So after a quick sweeping and moping and vacuuming of parts of the house, I headed over to Joshy's and we played some Diablo II. But instead of continuing on as we have been, we hung around ACT II on Hell mode and play through various parts, to level us up a bit for prep for act III (so we don't die a bunch like we did the last time we tried Act III). So at midnight, I called it a night and headed home.

Driving down Franklin, I see a bit of trash on the road, and I think no big deal, blew out of someone's garbage can. Then a bit further down the street, it looks like someone had some sort of fast food, and just decided to dump all of their trash (of which it was quite a bit), on the street. Just a big pile of it. There are times when I come home during the summer (or at least when I can see things in my yard other then snow) where I get a bit of trash here and there, and either the mower gets it (small stuff) or I'll pick it up and toss it in the trash. But a big pile in the middle of the road? Come on. Like any of your friends would be offended if you took your trash out of your car and put it in their bin? It was just really disturbing that people try to keep this neighborhood looking nice, and some jackhole can just drive by and dump trash out their window.