Nuclear Brownie Cookies

So the idea was to take Nuclear Brownies and put them into the chocoalte chip cookie base...

While the reviews were pretty much exclusively positive, it wasn't really what I intended to do. I used far too much cinnamon for the flavor profile that I was looking for. Though it was stated that the heavy chocolate taste from the brownies and the heavy cinnamon from the cookies kind of acted as a sort of dual palate cleanser. So it was a burst of chocolate, followed by a burst of cinnamon, or the other way around. And while this is a good thing, I suppose, I think it would've been better if I would've added more semi-frozen brownies bits, since 2 cups per batter recipe wasn't quite enough. Or if I would've just highlighted the brownies, by moving back the cinnamon. I'll have to try again with smaller batches this time.

Also, I need to get the timing right...the first 6 cookies out of the oven ended up being a bit raw in the middle, thought I did adjust the time up to around 19 minutes per batch, which seemed to get it to about the right consistency from my oven. though I suspect if I add more brownies, it'll change that time too.

I also think I mixed the cookie batter for too long, since they didn't rise as much as they have in the past with other of the multi-chocoalte chip cookies.

Also as an adjustment to speed up the time to make the Nuclear Brownies, by tempering the egg and sugar mixture, I was able to add the warm chocolate and butter in much sooner, which allowed me to finished the brownies in one segment, rather then start, wait for chocolate and butter mixture to cool, then finish.

Anyways, this may end up being two separate with the cinnamon drawn back just a little with the brownies cranked up just a bit. And then another where the brownies are the stars, and the cookies are a backdrop.