Shhh...don't tell the wife I went to Proof again...

proof restaurant
1301 Locust St
Des Moines, IA 50309

Open Monday - Friday for lunch and Fridays for Dinner.

So pretty much our whole work group headed over to proof restaurant for lunch. It was busy when we went.

We ordered our meals, put some tables together and chatted about work things.

The owner/chef stopped by and actually thanked me for my post before. It was both nice to hear that someone related to one of the places I've written about actually had read it, and yet a little weird for me too...often times I have to think for a while to come up with the right things to I'm not so necessarily so eloquent in person. Plus I guess I was a bit embarrassed, too...I suppose. I was also interested to find out that she comes from the family that is responsible for Jasper Winery...which produces the Chancellor which I think I've said before was one of my favorites...probably my favorite in the state, excluding the Port from Cedar Ridge Winery.

Anyways on to it.

I had Moroccan Chicken Flatbread and Curried Carrot Soup with a soda. It was kind of funny because Andrea and I ordered the exact same thing and Michelle ordered the same main with a salad side... Brandon had the Roast Pork flatbread, Keith had the braised lamb flatbread and Proctor had vegetable falafel.

The the chicken was tasty, spicy and and fragrant. I was nicely cooked, tender and just yummy. The soup was quite tasty...maybe made a bit extra so being so warming on such a cold day (first snow + me with no coat). What is it about soup that is so good? I also tried a bit of the braised lamb (delious) and the falafel, which was really quite vegges...I know, I know.

Anyways for $9 + drink and can you not go?

Also, I did promise Shannon that when she wanted to go to lunch, we could I guess I won't get in too much trouble...