I love ham

So in my shopping to buy some easter gifts for Shannon's niece and nephew and a few food stuffs for my dad and brother, I saw the pickings of the leftover ham stuffs including a few Niman Ranch Ham I made it for dinner tonight.

A little pepper on both sides, some olive oil in a hot pan, a few minutes on each side...tasting it reminded me of every good thought that I've ever had about ham, ever... It was just wonderful.

From their bacon, to the meats and hams that I've head, it's just been such a pleasurable experience.

We've also had their deli meats from Gateway Market. We had a selection of meats (smoked turkey, which actually tasted smoked, buffalo chicken, a bit spicy, and black forest ham) with various cheeses on dinner rolls (fantastic) and then this past weekend we had roast beef and cheddar on rye (well I had it on rye, Shannon had it on wheat). The roast beef was a beautiful pink in the center... oh it was good. So good, I took half of the pound I bought, along with a loaf of rye to my dad, cause I wanted him to try it.