Samsung SCH-U340

Ok so last week...or the week before I got a new phone for work (two year replacement plan)...We switched from a meh nokia phone, to the Samsung SCH-U340.

I gotta say that I hate this phone. First off, the user interface (I don't know if this is US Cellular or Samsung) is often counter intuitive. Text messages are annoying to create and the ringer settings for messages should be, I don't know, with the other ringer settings?, but no it's in a separate settings only for messages. I can see why you do that, but if you are gonna have settings under messages, shouldn't you still also have them in the settings?

It's a folding phone and at the back near the top, it came with a sticker that said, basically, this is where the antenna is, please don't put things over it (like my fat fingers). So when I hold the phone, lets just say that my finger naturally crosses that zone. Then there are two sets of buttons placed on the side of the phone. One set controls the volume (ringer when not talking, loudness when talking), while the other controls the camera and speaker phone. Now I haven't had this problem, since in my left pocket where I keep my phone, I generally don't keep other items, however, Brandon, has taken many many pictures of the inside of his pocket. He finally figured out how to lock the phone, but he says it's a gigantic pain in the ass (and it doesn't lock everything, just most things).

So because of the button placement, I've often changed the volume of the speaker while talking on the phone, with out intentionally doing's annoying. Both sets of button are where my fingers naturally go sometimes when I'm covering up the antenna and almost always, if I make the effort to not cover the antenna....

Basically the phone sucks...but I guess that's what I get for the no money I pay for it and the no monthly bill I have (work pays). Hopefully the Blackberry trial will be over soon and I'll get one of those instead (or something else better).