Jethro's BBQ

Jethro's BBQ, which is actually fairly close to where we live. We went there on Thursday. The sides, we had Jalapeno Cream Corn (not really cream corn, corn w/ milk and peppers in it), Mach and Cheese (meh), potato salad (meh, mustardy, needed to cut the green onions smaller) and corn bread muffins (which are not as good as Famous Dave's, which are in turn not as good as Uncle Wendell's). Shannon had Garlic Mashed potatoes...which...well didn't taste like garlic. They tasted like thyme. So...if they called them mashed potatoes with thyme, I would've thought hey, these aren't bad...but no.

Shannon had Chicken Fried steak ($12.95). She said this morning that she's had better at Applebee's...or even in a microwave dinner. The meat was dry, the crust was just awful.

I had a 2 meat BBQ dinner ($9.95). I had the brisket and pulled pork. Both were not that smokey and just too wet. One might want to say juicy, but the meat has obviously been soaked in a steam bath...and well...I just don't like that. It made it taste rather bland and washed out.

The only saving grace was the hot sauce, which was actually pretty good. Though being in a honey bear bottle it was hard to get out.

So...I wouldn't recommend going. I don't think we'll ever go back, even if it is just over a mile from where we live.