Roof replacement

I was trapped...a least for part of the day. They used large pieces of plywood to cover the windows and doors (to prevent damage to them I suspect). Which prevented me from getting out.. I was able to get out from time to time, limp around and see the house a bit more naked then normal. The workers were very efficient.

Over all, I was fairly pleased with Deever Roofing. I called them with three Issues. First and least importantly, there was a dent in the side of the yard, where the roof material supplier put down some feet to use the crane to put the roofing materials on my naked roof. Second, there was a bit of damage to the wood work below the roof...apparently this is a bit rotted...though I don't know what that means. Third, they knocked over my chimney (metal) for my water heater and furnace. They guy came out on Thursday, to do the inspection and came out today to work on the chimney. The new roof looks good. I'm glad it's done.