At what point...

Tonight, Gracie (the cat) proceeded to ruin a few mementoes from college. Though all of them are fairly minor, they have made the cut of clutter over the years. The highlight of which was a pen that my youngest sister brought back from Russia for me.

I'm a bit more then pissed (especially in the attempted recovery I was basically pissed on, since urine flowed from the plastic drawers onto myself), and I don't know how much more I can take.

This is not the first time that Gracie has peed. She's peed on my sandals (ruined), at the front door (we now have items there to make it less then comfortable to pee in the corners). She then proceeded to pee at the base of the basement stairs...not once, but twice. After the second time, Shannon put a litter box there...and while she went in there for a while...apparently that was no longer good enough.