Week 39 Cooking Results

Easy Chicken Tacos (p15 Cooks Country August/September 2009)

These were easy.... Though for me I would have preferred more of a kick in the chicken, but over all, easy to make, easy to prep and ended up being pretty good.

Grilled Turkey Burgers with Cheddar and Smoky Aioli (p36 Bon Appétit August 2009)

Around here, finding dark meat ground, would be surprising. I've actually tried to keep an eye out at the farmer's market, to no luck. So I put in some leftover ground beef to add some more fat and taste to it. It turned out pretty good, I liked using the smoked paprika (now making 3 kinds of paprika in my house). Personally, I suppose, I would've added just the paprika to the meat mixture and gone from there, but it still worked.

Spicy Spaghetti Pie (RC Cooks Country August/September 2009)

This, uh...created quite the mess. And I guess I didn't wait for it to set up either. It still tasted good. Juices from the pasta and cheese over flowed from the pie pan and created a smokey inside to the oven...then the kitchen...then the main level. So I opened a couple of windows, put in a fan, and cleared it out. But even so, it tasted good after ended up more like a bake pasta, I suppose.

Black Bean Burrito Bake (Juan O'Sullivans)

The recipie here was not documented very well. There were inconsistencies between what the ingrediants said, and what the directions said. I did tell Becki and Sean on Saturday, but even so, by guessing they turned out pretty well.

Summer Tomato Pie (p22 Cooks Country August/September 2009)

I haven't tried this cold yet (we had it warm, cause I didn't read at the end of the directions where it said it needed to cool for 3 hours), but warm it was pretty good. My thoughts on, perhaps updating this, would be to used canned diced tomatoes, more cheese in the mixture and then mix it all together, so you get tomato, mayo, cheese and maybe diced bacon in every bite.