Week 13 Cooking Results

So it was a weird week of cooking...With the stated goal of getting rid of things.

I made a garbage pasta...It had the last jar of pasta sauce in the house, some leftover tomato products (puree, paste, etc) from various recent recipes. Plus leftover sour cream, a bunch of ricotta and some "hot" Italian sausage, from Dahls. I also used two types of pasta...because they've been in the cupboard for a while. I turned out pretty well, sort of a creamy tomato sauce.

I had every intention of making tuna salad, but when I looked there was no tuna, so I made egg salad instead. I used some roasted red peppers that I had bought for something else, to get them out of the fridge.

I tried the Vande Rose Farms Artisan Dry Cured Bacon when we had scrambled eggs and bacon. The bacon was very good.

But now the fridge is mostly empty, I was able to clean it yesterday morning, and all of the meat that was frozen in the freezer, is now used and gone.

So now, I can build back up again.