Week 20 Cooking Results

Drunken Beans (Splendid Table's Cheap Eats)

This was good, but I could see why people might not like it. Considering it had beer in it, I suspected that Shannon might not like it, but I use a fairly light pale ale and it just kind of blended it very well. Or it could have been that Shannon has had a cold, and hasn't been able to taste much at all. We had these on tortillas with some cheese and sour cream.

Siracusa Market Pasta (Splendid Table's Cheap Eats)

Simple, good, quick (and cheap too).

Quiche Lorraine (p13 Cooks Country April/May 2009)

My first attempt at a quiche. This was quite good...though I think I kinda messed up the crust, because I really didn't get it spread evenly. The texture was a not quite what I was used to. Not as dense, but certainly creamy and fluffy...but not as good as the quiche that I can easily get from La Mie...though it was still good...I'd make it again.

Southwest Enchilada Casserole (p19 Cooks Country April/May 2009)

Took a while to make (though it is for an army, and not really for two people), but I believe my quote was, "I can't wait to eat these leftovers". I did add some an extra Serrano pepper that I had leftover from the Drunken Beans I made earlier in the week. Anyways, this was really truly fantastic and worth the time investment it took.