Week 29 Cooking Results

Italian Grilled Cheese Sandwich (RC, Cook's Country June/July 2009)

This was very simple...well for me it was basically an excuse to eat pepperoni. One thing in the recipe stood out and often does stand out. A quick trip in the microwave to render out some of fat of thin meats. The pepperoni that was bought (at the deli counter) was a lot better then the normal stuff you get in the great big hormel package...but I guess you get what you pay for. The one problem I had was the bottom of the pan I was using to squish down the sandwiches, when it got hot, the bread started to stick to next time, maybe a bit of oil or spray on the weight pan.

Portuguese-Style Grilled Pork Cutlets (RC, Cook's Country June/July 2009)

This created a spicy tart sauce. Fun too, cause you get to pound out the meat...which can be fun. It was made extra cheap since the pork was leftover (and I still have more leftover pork loin).

Tex-Mex Chicken with Chiles and Cheese (p86 Fine Cooking June/July 2009)

I used a jalapeño pepper that was given to me from a co-workers garden. It had a decent, but not over powering heat and a nice veggie flavor to it. Given my recent transactions with hot pans from the oven, I'm surprised that I didn't end up burning myself... Anyways, taste...probably would've been better over a bit of spanish rice...or something like that, but was still quite good.