2010 - Week 3 Cooking

So from last week I suppose. I desperately need a fine mesh strainer. Orzo? Quinoa? The strainers that I have are made for items that are much bigger. I may even hike down to Kitchen Collage to get one.

I am noticing something about the tools that I have, most of which are made by Oxo. They seem to have a number of wash cycles they can go through, before they are, as it seems to me, designed to fall apart. So the glue that holds the handle on the tool just kinda gives up and then water starts getting in there and it gets gross. It seems less likely to happen from the "Steel Collection" ones that I have. Others, I have gotten in the habit of separating the two pieces and washing them separately so no water gets stuck inside the tool. I really don't think I should have to do this though.

  • Thai Chicken with Basil (p13 Cook's Illustrated January/February 2010)
  • Cajun Red Beans and Rice (p19 Cook's Illustrated January/February 2010)
  • Cacio e Pepe (p24 Cook's Illustrated January/February 2010)
  • Goat Chops
  • Jalapeno Burgers