2010 - Week 6 Cooking Results

So because I haven't been getting to Hy-Vee until later, I've been often running into the church crowd, which, isn't really a problem I suppose, but I don't like the crowds. Plus Shannon and I are going to try to go to a movie on Sunday, so it would be better to be done earlier.

I think my final goal will to be try to be done Friday night, so when the farmer's market opens back up, I'll be able to shop based on the recipes decided for the week.


I did make a few mistakes here, I should've added the jalapeno and hatch peppers earlier, so they had time to permeate the chili, but even so it turned out well. Since I like chili so much, I'm surprised I don't make it more...

Smashed Tenderloin Sandwiches

So I used half a pork tenderloin last week and though it'd make a good that's what I did, I made it into sandwiches. I liked how this turned out. Very quick to make.

Long Boy Cheese Burgers (p17 Cook's Country February/March 2010)

This was actually quite good, and relatively simple to make. On to the other side of this. I used the mandolin that I got for Christmas to make fries. Now I imagine that if I were to actually fry them in oil, they would've turned out better, but baked, not so much. Oh well I plan on making a potato gratin soon, so then we'll see this in purposeful action.

Stacked Chicken Enchiladas (RC Cook's Country February/March 2010)

This was another audible call. I apparently don't have a square pan, so I kept the recipe the same, and just made enchiladas. Though it didn't turn out as well since I was out of foil to cook them first before I opened them up for the cooking. I think it turned out well though.