2010 - Week 5 Cooking Results

Deviled Chicken (p14 Cook's Country February/March 2010)

These turned out well, the breading didn't want to stay on very well, but even so, it made for a good eating.

Pork Medallions with Chili-Maple Sauce

I really liked these. a little sweet, but good. It did give me an idea for sandwiches this next week.

Migas (Scrambled Eggs with Corn Tortillas) (Mother's Best: Comfort Food That Takes You Home Again from from Weeknight Kitchen with Lynne Rossetto Kasper was ok...

Vodka And Tomato Pasta Sauce, (

I was feeling a bit lazy, and didn't want to follow this recipe all the way though (and dirty up the blender and etc), so we made this rustic, and it was great. I didn't blend the sauce to make it smooth and I didn't cook it as long, but even so it turned out great.

Skillet Glazed Pork Chops (p20 Cook's Country February/March 2010)

After visiting the Boelman's at the hospital, we had been talking about tacos, and so we called an audible, dropped by Dahls, picked up some avocados, and a few other things for tacos and bam, had pork tacos. I flavored the pork with salt, pepper and chipotle pepper powder.

Country Captain Chicken (p13 Cook's Country February/March 2010)

I cannot explain how frustrated I was with myself when making this recipe, one stupid mistake. Turn the heat down, let simmer for a I turn it down? No, do I think about it several times? No. I was able to rescue most of this, but even so, I'm a bit upset with myself. Other then the smell of burned food in my nose, which permeated the house, it tasted pretty good.