2010 - Week 15 Cooking Results

Skillet Italian chicken with Orzo (RC Cook's Country April/May 2010)

I had about half a box of orzo left which worked out well for this recipe. This turned out pretty well and was simple to make. It wasn't outstanding but simple and good.

Quick Cheesesteak Subs (RC Cook's Country April/May 2010)

We had a little drop by from Joseph on his way back to school in Idaho. I modified this a bit and added some hoagie relish to the dish. It turned out very nice and was delicious.

Balsamic Steak Tips with Horseradish Mash (RC Cook's Country April/May 2010)

I don't know what I was doing here. I apparently stopped paying attention, so we ended up having balsamic horseradish mash, which was...well..ok...

Steak Mole with Cilantro (p53 Bon Appétit April 2010)

We had this over rice, it was pretty good. One of these days I want to make a proper mole sauce.

Chipotle Roast Chicken Tacos (p58 Bon Appétit April 2010)

While I got near the end of roasting the chicken I kept thinking to myself, I could've just run down Gateway and gotten a rotisserie chipotle chicken and saved myself a whole lot of time. Even so, it was a nice simple experience, I modified it a bit and put in some fresh chives from the side of the house.

This actually turned out really well. The chicken skin was quite spicy and good. Put together with the rest of the taco fixings turned out really well.

I have been watching out my chives. They are budding and I'm looking forward to the blossoms that come out. I'm also looking forward to the farmers market starting in less than two weeks.