2010 - Week 21 Cooking Results

Skillet Macaroni with Zesty Meat Sauce (RC June/July 2010 Cook's Country)

This turned out well, though I did use more pasta then the recipe called for (it wanted 12oz, I used the whole pound).

Caramelized Onion, Gruyère, and Sausage Panini (p19 June/July 2010 Fine Cooking)

It was a nice way to use a chicken sausage, It gave me a few thoughts on what to do in the future...

Egg Sandwiches

Gotta love this simple dish...

Spinach salad with carrots, onions, tomatoes, chicken and mozzarella

This worked...though the dressing I made was far to tart for Shannon (I was fine with it, but I also like sea salt and vinegar chips and etc). Though I did have one thing here. In the spinach that I've been buying from the market, I always need to trim the leaves...which I didn't do, but even so, it was still pretty good.

Ground Lamb, Farro, tomatoes, and onions

This actually turned out like I wanted. It used a bit of the Farro and I poured a bunch of other leftovers in there too (cleaned out my fridge of a lot of things). It worked well...though I cannot remember quite what was in there now...

Eden Farms Pork Burgers with Amish Potato Salad (p11 June/July 2010 Cook's Country)

The day I planed to make this (and take up to James' party), tragic events occurred, and I didn't feel like cooking (or moving), so Shannon went down to Gateway and brought back dinner for us.

I will make the potato salad again sometime.