2010 - Week 19 Cooking

So due to recent events, the budget for food is being cut back a bit (since it is, by far and away our highest discretionary spending). I have reduced my weekly budget for the farmer's market by 1/3rd and I'll try to be a bit wiser in my decisions as to what I pick out at the grocery store. I did get a good haul none the less. I showed Holly and her friends around the market, as best I could. Afterward we went over to the Architectural Salvage.

That being said, with the blossoming of the chives (originally from my mother's garden), I plan on doing a chive blossom dinner. And how can I do this dinner and still be inexpensive? Well most of the non-ham stuff is relatively inexpensive, the ham was already

  • Chive Blossom Dinner
  • Reduced-Fat Fried Fish with Tarter Sauce (p4 June and July 2010 Cook's Country)
  • Buttermilk Waffles (p25 May and June 2010 Cook's Illustrated) with strawberries
  • Fried Duck Eggs on toast
  • Veal Burgers
  • Left over Eden Farms Berkshire Pork Black Forest Ham Sandwiches