2017 - Week 10 Cooking Results

Ultimate Zoodles

So the spiral slicer that I have seems to create well formed vegetable noodles, the issue is that it appears to depend on the size of the vegetable.  so while I'm more then willing to have a center circle stick taken out to make the rest into noodles, for carrots, it doesn't make a ton of sense.  Maybe that's just cause I wanted to use carrots?  I could totally see how it can work (especially with the videos) for larger vegetables, but I'd need to find a better way (with a mechinical advantage) for carrots.

Goat Burgers with Chèvre

I planned to do this on Tuesday, then remembered that my mother in law was coming into town.  Not wanting to push outside the American norm habits on my mother in law, we went to Krunkwich.  And while certainly not a straight ahead pick, a place where we could all be happy.

We did have the goat burgers the next night, and a little salt, and a little pepper.

So I'm thinking that either my previous stove wasn't getting enough gas, or wasn't passing enough through, cause these burners are a lot hotter and I have to pay a lot closer attention.  Still adjusting to how it works.

Grilled Corned Beef and Fontina

The corned beef wasn't quite what I expected... I mean sure it was mediocre corned beef, but after a couple of years of having some truly excellent corned beef (thanks to the fine people at the Cheese Shop), this was kind of a let down.

Canadian Bacon, Eggs sandwich

As intended from last week, finally done as expected.  Good things.

Steak v Chicken, finished in OVEN