2017 - Week 16 Cooking Results

Easter:  Chocapocalypse Cookie (p204-205 EveryDayCook) or here

So uh...holy crap those are good.

Pork burgers on pretzel buns

Local pork, defrosted costco pretzel buns, easy, quick

Sloppy Sammys

easy, quick (get a theme here)

Italian Sausage and Potato Frittata

I adjusted this to be just bread, sausage patty, eggs on top.  I've been a bit mentally exhausted and just couldn't bring myself to follow a recipe.

Mustard chicken thighs

Olive Oil, dijon mustard, salt, pepper, tossed, baked, ate.

Grilled Ham & Cheese with Strawberry Jam

I used some 1655 Gruyere, some medicore ham and had a delicous meal.