this week

So this week has been kinda full. After a full weekend, I got my arm twisted and went and saw Taciturn (ok), Timonium (meh), and The Autumn Project (meh). I went down there with Josh and eventually Jen, Dusty, and Ryan showed up. Jen and Dusty left after Taciturn was done with their set. I've seen Taciturn before and it just seems to me that instead of playing the guitar riff 4 times, they could play it 2 and the songs would be much shorter and more interesting...but that's just me. I know the rest of 'em like 'em. Timonium was...well...slow and boring and they had very loud ear hurting feedback. The Autumn project went with the whole multimedia effect. They had an art film, that one of them did playing on a screen, they had their music, and then they had fog machines. Now the Mews is an ok club, but it's air circulation sucks, so after awhile of stinging eyes from the fog, Josh decided it was time to go, and I wasn't gonna argue.

On payday, Wednesday, I went grocery shopping and filled my house up with food again. I also went to buy sweat pants and sweat shirts from Target, because it is getting way to cool in the morning to be walking in shorts and a t-shirt.

Thursday night, after getting off work, I headed out to a coin shop to buy a proof Iowa quarter (not that I have any of the others) and got a hair cut. I started some laundry and then headed over to Josh's to play some Def Jam Vendetta 2. Eventually we headed over to Coultons to eat and harrass Jen at her job...we didn't get much of a chance to, cause we didn't get to sit in her section. I guess we'll just have to go back. The food and presentation was pretty good and the rolls were freakin awesome. After dinner we headed back to Josh's for more Def Jam Vendetta. And we finished off my charecter (josh did most of the work). I got home at like 12:40 AM...

The mornings that I've walked this week have been getting darker and darker. the one advantage, I suppose, is that the moon has been really beautiful in the mornings and sometimes I'll even get to see the sunrise.

This morning, I got up, got ready to go for my walk, and walked down stairs, and then put my hand outside to feel the rain...Since it was raining I decied to call it a no walk day and got ready to go and took my car over to Jordan Acura...I hope they get the whistling sound this time. I'm going to Cedar Rapids this weekend and next, so it would be quite annoying to have to listen to it back and forth.

Next weekend is Clif and Sara's wedding and Reception. I think it'll be cool and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone that shows up. I'm heading down on thursday and probably coming back on sunday. A fun time should be had by all.