voice + whistling + xylophone + violin + guitar = Andrew Bird

So last night, I went to see Andrew Bird at the M-Shop. Josh and Drew came and picked me up at my house and we went over to the Waveland Cafe to get some food, before heading up to Ames. And for the second time that I've tried to go there with Josh, it was closed. So we decided to head to downtown Des Moines to go to the Royal Mile and get late lunch/early dinner there. Mmmm...scotch egg and Steak and Guiness pie. Whoever said English was bad hasn't eaten the Scotch egg goodness. Anyways, realizing we had a bit of time left before we had to go, we stopped by my home, picked up my multitap and a controler and headed over to Josh's to play some Def Jam Vendetta.

Eventually we made it up to Ames and met up with Seth and Brianna and Chris and Holly. We were there a bit early so we all chatted for a while. Then Ryan and Visola (Kelly) showed up and shortly after that they let is in the show. So we Chatting, and Boonie stops by...but he's got no Chops now...kinda wierd. And Jason was there too. So here's the formula:

voice + whistling + xylophone + violin + guitar = Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird = Awesome

So he used these audio repeaters to create the base of the music and the play, sing, and whistle over it. I must say that it is one of the coolest things I have seen in awhile. So cool that i just purchased every single one of his albums.

After the show was over we headed back to Des Moines for a going away party for Visola (Kelly). She, although I met her tonight for the first time, apprently has a long history with the crib. So we goofed around until around 6 in the morning Courtney took me home (thanks again Courtie!) and I went to bed.