me=tired it's 11:20 in the 10 more minutes I'll be up for 27 hours.

So yesterday was a bad for me food day. Ate junk food, drank soda. Drew came over, hung out watched movies until josh and ryan woke up, headed over to the Crib, started setting up the Diablo II party, went to Hardees, ate a monster buger ( filling in fact). We heading back to the crib and starting gaming in earnest.

So quite a few hours later we make a soda run. Quite a few hours after that, we beat the regular Diablo II. Now all that is left is the expansion part...and going though hell and nightmare mode.

I feel extra geeky today.

So after we decided to call it a night, Dusty, Jen and I headed over to the Waveland Cafe and got some breakfast. Although crowded, our wait wasn't too long and now I'm home and gonna try to get some sleep.