So today I have to:

1. Schedule a Chimney Sweep to come and clean my chimneys
2. Train IHDM HR on the new part of Rejection letters, in EOv2
3. Setup Applicant Tracking for Sioux City
4. Start the infinium import for Sioux City

Oh and hopefully get rid of this muscle pain that has been going on my my leg for the last 15 hours or so.

the thing that sucks about 4 is that I can't do it until after 5, because the export on the side of infinium doesn't start until 5. So Instead of my normal leaving work at 4 (like a normal day) or 3 or 3:30 like a normal friday, I'll be there late...I bet almost no one will be there.

But at least yesterday's work day is no longer bothering me.