a few rants, a few raves, and something pointed out in a movie

So last night I went and saw The Incredibles with lets see here, Josh, Jen and Dusty, Adam and Tiffany, Chris and Holly, Jerry and Renee, Courtie and Angela, Dusty's parents, and Dave. Quite the crowd. So we went to the Jordan Creek Century Theater and it wasn't too crowded (cause it's basically a children's movie and it was a 9:20 PM showing). And here's a big message of the movie. We may all be unique, but we're not all special. When everyone is special, then we are all normal again. And this is a good point. Something is lost when there is no loser in a game of competition. Something is lost when we reward people for mediocre accomplishments. Graduating from High School and College, that's an accomplishment, graduating from 2nd grade is not. Last night I went to perkins with Josh and on the way out I noticed they had an award for having less than a 100% turnover rate. This works right into this. they are giving a award for at least one person keeping their job at the resturant for the period of time it was for. I personally think that the way that we are going with all the awards and making everyone feel good about them selves is going to lead to a bunch of mediocre people.

So today is laundry day...although I'm not very successful at it so far. I, so far, have forgotten to turn on the dryer so it's not going too well. But I've watched a movie and caught up on some recorded TV, including the last episode of Tough Crowd (which is too bad). My legs are still killing me (have been for days) and now my shoulder muscles (from yesterday) are sore too...I'd take some pain killers...but I'm still trying to avoid that kind of stuff.