Henry Rollins

so this makes 5 times in what...10 years...making up for the one time at ISU that I did miss that I have seen Henry Rollins do his spoken word thing. I can remember back in college trying to incite my floor mates to go to see the show and generating some interest in some.

Some of the stories were refined ones of others I have heard before, but told in a slightly diffrent way and still entertaining and I really enjoyed myself.

I love how the story shoots off over here and there and then comes back. Hank is a man of many tangents, but it is a fun thing to hear.

I know that a lot of people that I know would probably be offended by what he has to say and etc, but frankly if no one ever gets offended, how do we know our speach is free?

I'll go see him again if he comes back around.