To Sum up so far.

So here's the story so far.

On Friday I saw the house on 4300 Franklin again.

Tom (my realtor) and I sat down and wrote up an offer.

On Friday night the owners countered, I verbally accepted.

On Saturday, Tom came over I wrote out a check for $500 for earnest money.

Monday I started unpacking my storage closet on my deck, finding a dead bird in the process. I released all the boxes and etc on my apartment, making it EVEN more crowded. then it was before. I packed away my empty cd cases as well.

Today, I decided to journal this stuff, so I set this up...and also packed away my Videos and console games. I also spent $9.32 at Walgreens to buy some packing tape (to make sure some boxes still old together) and some masking tape (to label where boxes go).